05/21/17 – Boiling Point

Today’s TV

  • Mommy Dead and Dearest
  • Creep

Since it’s Sunday, my entire family went to the church by our house to volunteer. Erica teaches kindergarten, while my parents and I watch the kids in the “VIP” room – children of other volunteers who have to stay at church all day. I colored a cute picture of a cat while the two sisters I was sitting with raced to finish crafts. My mom made bacon for the kids and also brought string cheese. I thought it was a weird combination, but I guess it worked. One little girl ate so much bacon and also took a lot of string cheese. She ended up leaving the string cheese on the floor and lying about leaving it on the floor. My mom also left to go get coffee and took a suspiciously long time doing it. One of the sisters is really into gymnastics and she wanted to do some skills with me. Honestly, she’s going to be better than I am in like a year, so soon I’ll just be watching her do gymnastics instead of doing it with her.

After church, my mom, Erica, and I went to party city. Erica had a violin recital later in the day, so my mom wanted to get cups, plates, and napkins. We definitely got way too many; we’re going to be using bright blue and green plates and cups for a while. We went to Target next because it was close and we had time to kill. We initially went to buy Erica a swimsuit, but I love Target, so I ended up buying one too. They didn’t have the swimsuit bottom I wanted though, so I’ll have to go to another Target to try to find it (they don’t sell it online). OH we also went to Sally’s because I’m going to dye Erica’s hair sometime soon.

We went home and immediately left to go to Boiling Point – a restaurant that we’ve been going to for years. The featured picture shows Erica’s soup because mine was ugly. After stuffing our faces with soup, we headed to the venue of Erica’s recital. The recital didn’t start until 4, but we had to be there at 2:30 so that Erica could practice with the accompanist. There was a slight predicament with getting into the building but eventually, we got in. My parents and I, instead of just sitting there, went to Costco to buy snacks. Costco was WILD on a Sunday; I have no idea why. I was way to full to eat samples (sad), but I bought apple chips!

At Erica’s recital, my dad and I struggled to stay awake (probably because of our food comas) until Erica’s solo. Erica was really good (hi Erica, hope you’re reading this), but I IMG_3153was ready for more food by the end of the recital. The after-recital refreshments included: cookies, chips and salsa, mocha cake, chocolate-dipped strawberries, salad, chicken legs, and more – an odd combination of food. There were these super cute cookies that some mom made that were violin-shaped and heart-shaped. They were also really, really good sugar cookies. I also took a risk, though, because she put them in the same dish as the peanut butter cookies she made; the sugar cookies were worth it. We ate and waited until more people left before packing up the food and leaving.

On our way home, I texted Olivia – me best friend (I’m Mr. Krabs). We live in the same neighborhood, so we just planned to pick her up on our way home. Weirdly enough, 5 minutes away from our neighborhood, we saw her parents taking a walk. My dad pulled up on the side of the street to chat; I’m pretty sure it was illegal to just stop there, but we did it anyway. We picked up Olivia and went back to our house. Olivia, Erica, and I spend a lot of time just watching stupid videos on Olivia’s phone before deciding that we should watch a movie. We watched a documentary because Erica didn’t want to watch a scary movie, but when she went to sleep, Olivia and I watched Creep. The problem is, the two of us are like old people – we’ve started to go to sleep really early. I have this issue where if we start a movie at 11 pm, I most likely will fall asleep. It didn’t happen this time though! We finished the movie and went to bed (because we knew we were both falling asleep).


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