05/23/17 – I LOVE CATS

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.169
  • Jane the Virgin 3.20
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8

I woke up right before 10, checked the time, and panicked because I thought the clock said 11 and that I’d missed The Price is Right. Luckily for me, despite staying up late the night before, I did end up watching The Price is Right like any other morning. I had big plans for the day starting at 12:30, but before that, I had time to relax and watch TV. Buckle up, because today was an ADVENTURE.

At 12:30, my cousin, Eunice, picked me up to go to Seattle. (Look! I’m interacting with more people!) We had an adventure planned and you all get to hear about it. We had discussed where we wanted to eat before she picked me up, and we decided on a little place calleIMG_3195d The Wandering Goose. Since it’s in Seattle, we had to drive all the way there, which was an adventure in itself because Eunice hadn’t ever driven to Seattle (how she’d avoided it, I’m not sure). I’m super proud of her because despite getting lost a few times and having issues parallel parking, the drive was really good!

We got to The Wandering Goose and ordered our food. She got The Sawmill (I think) and I got the Sweet Blonde. I was really excited because I love biscuits, but I also felt a little bad because Erica loves biscuits more and she was in school. Anyway, my biscuit, sandwich thing had a slice of ham, an egg, and cheese in it AND it was sweet. It was like all the things I like in our sandwich thing. (I really love sugar). I was really satisfied with lunch, and after, we headed to Pike Place Market (shown in the featured picture).

Eunice had been looking at this ice cream place for a while now – it’s called Shug’s Soda IMG_3196Fountain and Ice Cream. She’d seen this picture on Instagram of a S’mores sundae, and we actually ended up getting it. We also got a Dixie Split which was basically a banana split, but the banana was brûléed. Also, they actually roasted the marshmallows on the sundae in front of us! On on hand, it was cool, but on the other hand, the mini blowtorch DID make the ice cream melt faster. Was that on purpose? Were they conning us out of delicious ice cream? The world may never know. The part of the ice cream we did eat was delicious, though, and I did eat a lot of it (love the clean plate club).

After finishing our ice cream, we decided to walk around Pike Place for a while. We browsed at the shops to pass the time, and some dude asked me what my shirt meant. Now I guess I’m obligated to say what shirt I was wearing – it said “Shawty Snappin'” on the front because it’s a T-Pain lyric and on the back, it say “Nah…she cheerin'” because our cheerleading team all got matching shirts. It was a little hard to explain to a random man at a random booth, but I think he got the gist of it. We also went to a couple bookstores. One bookstore had this really cute nook where we probably would’ve spent the entire day had it not been ~75 degrees outside. The other bookstore was run by this guy who told us we were too young to get married and to follow our dreams. Okay, the way I just put it probably makes him sound creepy, but he was actually pretty nice. As we walked back to the car, we passed by the original Starbucks, which had a long line like usual. I don’t really know why I decided to mention it, but I love Starbucks.

After we got to the car, we headed to a CAT CAFE. If you don’t know me personally, then you probably don’t know how much I love cats. Well, now you know: I LOVE CATS. We IMG_3194went to this cat cafe called Seattle Meowtropolitan where we played with the CUTEST cats and took lots of pictures. A few of the cats were sleeping, so we didn’t disturb them, but a few of the cats were just roaming around being cats. Some of the other people there were a little annoying, though. I was petting this cat, Spongebob, as he was falling asleep and this lady was waving a toy in his face and trying to get him to play. Other than the slightly annoying people, the cat cafe was a good experience (probably because I love cats so much). Also, going into the cat lounge means you get a free drink, so I got a mango Italian soda because I really did not want to drink a hot drink on a hot day.

We were pretty tired after all the things we did; we were planning on going to see the movie Everything, Everything, but I was way too tired to go. Eunice drove me home, and I’m super grateful for that because there was so much traffic and I probably would have gotten frustrated. Overall, it was a fun trip to Seattle, and I might go again soon – mostly because I’ve been staying in so much that I think I’m going crazy.

Once I got home, Erica was a little salty that I did all her favorite things without her, but they’re my favorite things too and she was in school, so I’m a little sorry, but not THAT sorry. We watched a lot of TV together before dinner and after. We had the classic Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner; my dad loves $10 Tuesdays. It was a really good day, but of course, something had to go south. I’ve had these chronic headaches for a few years and they always seem to come at the worst times. I got a huge headache after dinner, and it would NOT go away. I know that some of you are wondering if I drank enough water, and I definitely did. I ended up just going to bed with the headache, hoping it would go away before morning.



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