05/24/17 – I’m Pretty Lazy

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.170
  • Supergirl 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
  • Chopped 24.4, 24.5, 24.6
  • Survivor 34.12, 34.13

SO, I pretty much didn’t do anything all day; I hope this post isn’t too disappointing. I woke up a little later, but I still got to watch The Price is Right. I checked my email and realized that it was the first day of class! Because I’m taking a summer class, it’s only 6 weeks, and because I’m taking it online, I can do the work WHENEVER I WANT.

Pretty much all day, as I was watching TV, I was doing my work for the week. I guess I forgot to mention what class I’m taking; I’m taking web programming because I’m interested in it, but also because it’s online. As most of you probably know already, I’m pretty lazy. I took my sweet time taking notes and doing all the labs for the week, and now I’m DONE until Sunday! Doing all of the work in one day didn’t really give me a chance to anything for the rest of the day, though.

Even when Erica came home, I just watched Supergirl and ate snacks. I feel bad that this post is boring but, honestly, I’m not the most interesting person. I watched TV until my mom came home; then, we ate the salmon that my dad and I cut up a few days ago. It was really good! My dad seasoned it with rosemary and I really should have taken a picture, but I forgot.

After dinner, we got ready to watch the Survivor finale. I was super excited, but also kind of sad because there won’t be any new episodes until the fall. I was honestly a little disappointed with the editing of this season of Survivor because it was obvious who the final three contestants would be. That was kind of annoying, but it was all okay because the person I was rooting for WON. Watching the season finale and the reunion show took  three hours and, after, I was ready to go to bed!


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