05/25/17 – SHOOK

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.171
  • Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day
  • Clown

I woke up right before The Price is Right and it was a super exciting episode because someone won the Plinko record. I was so SHOOK; the guy won $31,500 playing Plinko. Slightly after 11, I went to go pick up Olivia to get her hair cut.

Her haircut appointment was at 11:30 and, when we got there, I just ended up sitting, waiting, and playing Best Fiends. She got a lot of her hair chopped off and it made me think that maybe I should cut my hair (NAH). After her haircut, we went to Boiling Point because Olivia hadn’t been there since she’d been back.

I got the classic milk cream curry soup (nee curry fishball) and Olivia got the Korean bean paste soup. We also split a blueberry soda, which Olivia thought tasted like medicine, but I really liked it. While we were eating, we noticed a really old woman coming out of her Boiling Pointcar. She walked really slowly, but she actually ate SO FAST. We were still eating when she left and drove away, but she got to the restaurant as we started eating. Also, there was this guy eating alone who came after us, but finished WAY before us. Maybe we’re just slow eaters.

After eating, we both were really full. I feel like going to Boiling Point is a mistake sometimes considering how sick I feel after, but also it’s really good, so I’m just going to keep going. I drove home even though I was a little sleepy, and I dropped Olivia off at her house.

I was home alone for all of 5 minutes when my family came home; my mom and dad had just picked Erica up from school. My parents wanted us to go outside and pull weeds. Erica was pretty salty about that, considering my dad is hiring a guy to pull weeds in a few days. It was a little sad because some of the plants were being choked by the weeds, and I don’t know if pulling the weeds would even help. It was hot outside, but it was nice to do something as a family.

At 4:30, Erica, Olivia, and I went to an open house for a flight simulation business that our friend’s parents own. It was really cute; they had so many snacks and they had a raffle. We actually spend more time there than we thought we would. We then went to an event at the community center because one of Erica’s friends wanted her to go. We didn’t stay there for long; after, we decided to take pictures on the beach (like the one in the featured picture). Erica got some ice cream at Ivar’s and we took a ton of pictures on the beach.

We left for home a little before 7 and I was ready to eat, but Erica and Olivia were full. Also, I forgot; we were driving in the neighborhoods by the beach and we saw my cousin walking on the street. We stopped on the side of the road, but I guess he didn’t realize it was us until he was right next to our car (whoops). When we got home, we ate burgers and I was very full after.

Olivia and I watched some TV and stayed up semi-late, but I was too tired to stay up super late.


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