05/26/17 – Cityville is a Wild Ride

Today’s TV

  • Let’s Make a Deal 8.169
  • The Price is Right 45.172
  • Grey’s Anatomy 13.24
  • The Flash 1.1, 1.2

I woke up to a couple of chatterboxes trying to wake me up at 6 am (@Olivia and @Erica), but I only woke up for a few seconds before going back to sleep. I woke up again at around 8 and told Olivia that she was being loud earlier before rolling over and going to bed AGAIN. A little before 9, I woke up for real, Olivia left, and I watched my daytime television. I was super antsy because Eunice and I were planning on eating at this chicken, burger, and ice cream place!

Eunice got to my house at around 12:30 and I drove us to Chick 5: a restaurant that sells mostly fried chicken, but also burgers and ICE CREAM. We got to the complex that the restaurant was in, but we couldn’t find the restaurant. I feel like every time we’re Chicken and Wafflestogether, we end up getting lost; it’s okay, though, because it’s actually kind of fun. The restaurant ended being on the other side of the building from where we parked. So, we just walked there, since the weather was super nice. When we got it, we looked at the menu and both decided to get their “Waffle and Jumbo Wings” with ranch dressing. We weren’t exactly sure how jumbo the jumbo wings were, so we decided not to share. Considering chickens are not the biggest animals, the wings were ACTUALLY JUMBO. A lot of the time, I feel like I’m just promoting the places that I’m eating, but it’s because the food’s actually so good! The chicken wings were super crispy, but not oily; I have no idea how they did that. We both ate all our food and were pretty full after, BUT we still wanted to try the dessert. The restaurant had “Oil Bun Ice Cream,” which is an ice cream sandwich, but the bread part of the sandwich is a glazed donut. We both ended up splitting a blueberry ice cream oil bun, and it’s actually the main picture for this post!

I was less full after eating all that food than I was after eating Boiling Point, which is good; I wasn’t as lethargic driving home (also good). When we got back to my house, weLego pretty much just lied down on the air mattress that was still there and rested. We were bored and were thinking of what to do when Erica and I were reminded of the Lego cities we used to build as children. We went through our rooms and the hallway closet to find all our loose Legos. Then, we built a city! Side note: Eunice got Sims 4 on her laptop, and I’m a little jealous, but now our Lego city is like our Sims city (a little lame, I know).

Erica’s family, consisting of Susan, (husband) Bob, (daughter) Rebecca, and (eventually, adopted son) Jimmy, owned the hospital, the police station, and the beauty salon. Because Erica’s family owned so much, Eunice’s and my family didn’t have that much. Eunice’s family, consisting of Barbara, (soon to be divorced) Jack, and (new husband) Jeff, own a construction company and a taxi company. My family, Ellen, (domestic partner) John, and (son) Billy, own a pizza place. There were other random characters made, but those were the main characters. As you can see, we actually got pretty into it. We got bored, at some point, and we ended up planning a sleepover! We invited our other cousin, who didn’t end up showing up, and Eunice went home to pick up her brother.

When Eunice and her brother, Jasper, came back to our house, we were eating dinner. We were being EXTRA and eating lobster tails with fried shrimp crackers. We also had mangoes that were SUPER sweet and made me super happy because I love fruit. After dinner, we played with the Lego city a bit more; Jasper made his own secluded island owned by his character, Peter. Long story short: Peter is dead and now he’s a ghost. Cityville is a WILD ride.

After playing with Legos for a while, we moved to the living room where the air bed was. We ended up watching the first couple episodes of The Flash. I actually felt kind of bad because everyone else had watched it except me. BUT they offered, so I couldn’t say no, considering we didn’t have any other options for shows. After the two episodes, Jasper was asleep and Erica was playing Papa’s Cheeseria on Cool Math Games. Eunice and I ended up talking to my mom for a few hours and Erica, eventually, fell asleep.



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