05/27/17 – She Just Wanted the Cherry

Today’s TV

  • 3-4 hours of various Family Feud episodes

I actually didn’t watch that much TV because I was out all day! A few different events happened today: my family and I went to a farmer’s market and my boyfriend came to town!

My family and I left for the farmer’s market in the morning; I wasn’t sure what to expect because I hadn’t been to this farmer’s market before. When we got there, we struggled to find parking, but eventually found a spot right next to the market. We waLuv Peanutslked around, and my mom got distracted by glass sculptures. The rest of us just wanted to walk around. There were so many different stands; a lot of them gave out free samples(!), which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was this stand that had a large bucket of peanuts just sitting in front of it. Did it smell like death? Yes. Did I take a picture anyway? Also, yes.

We continued to walk around the market, and we say this little boy busking; he was around 10 and was playing the violin. He was actually pretty good; Erica and I gave him a couple of dollars. After, my mom told us that we should busk, but neither Erica nor I really want to. We kept walking around and, this time, my DAD got distracted by glass sculptures. He had this idea of getting five different colored sculptures for the master bedroom. They were super expensive, though, and no one would ever see the sculpture in their room. Erica and I were pretty confused, but we were also glad that he didn’t buy anything.  Before leaving the market, we bought Erica a cupcake. I think it was just chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, but I took a picture of the cupcake display and it’s the featured picture for this post. The cupcake we got Erica was the one with the cherry; I feel like she just wanted the cherry.

When we were done at the market, we decided to walk to Starbucks because it was a hot day outside. If you know me, you probably know that I drink WAY too much Starbucks. IMG_3265We got there and the line was super long, so Erica and I ordered our drinks online. I got a black tea lemonade and Erica got a s’mores frappuccino. My mom wanted to take a walk, but we didn’t really want to. Erica and I both have flat feet; we struggle a lot with walking a lot. We sat on a bench while our mom and dad walked for a bit. Then, we went to the mall to eat lunch.

We probably sound really lame for eating lunch at the mall, but my mom and my dad don’t always agree on the type of food that they want to eat, so going to the mall is usually a good option because there are so many random fast food restaurants there. My mom and Erica got Chipotle, while my dad and I got Panda Express. I just ate A LOT of orange chicken that I forced my dad to get extra of. Erica had tutoring at 1:30, so we ended up going into Hot Topic to look around because we had extra time. Then, we took Erica to tutoring and headed home.

On the way home, we picked up my boyfriend, Isaiah, who doesn’t have a car. We went back to my house and didn’t really know what to do. We ended up playing with the Lego city that Erica, Eunice and I built, since we hadn’t put it away yet. After an hour or so, we had to go pick up Erica. She wanted to go to the mall, so we went shopping for a bit. Erica and I bought a bunch of summer clothes, my mom tried clothes on, and Isaiah just tagged along. I felt a little bad because I’m sure he didn’t enjoy shopping that much; it’s okay though because we got bubble tea and judged people in the mall.

We all went home and my dad was making dinner. We put away our new clothes before eating and watched Family Feud for a bit. down for dinner. My dad made chicken tenders and Erica was super excited. We were watching Family Feud which eating and during a commercial break, Erica ate ALL her food. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eat faster. I think it was a combination of chicken tenders being one of her favorite foods and the fact that she was so hungry.

After dinner, we watched Family Feud and played board games! It was super fun! But after, we had to drive Isaiah home. My mom and dad were a little cranky because he was at our house late, but the sun hadn’t set completely when we drove him home, so it really wasn’t THAT late.


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