05/28/17 – I Gotta Get Out

Today’s TV

  • Idiotest – 2 hours
  • Celebrity Game Night – 2 hours
  • Family Feud – 1 hour

Because it’s Sunday, we went to church at 9 am. I helped my mom out again and hung out with the two sisters: Mae and Bri. It was fun because Bri and I do gymnastics together, and Mae and I color together. It’s also weird, though, because they fight pretty frequently. They even fought about who deserved to eat more bacon; we had to all split the last piece to be fair. After church, we went home to get ready for the rest of the day.

We got home to see our cousin, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Coby, waiting for us there. We went inside to decide where to eat. My dad was trying to watch church on TV while we decided; I think his hearing is deteriorating because the TV was SUPER loud while we were trying to talk. We were planning on going to lunch with my parents, but my parents decided they didn’t want to go to a restaurant that was far. We decided on Lunchbox Laboratory for lunch, and I was super hungry, so I was ready to leave. BUT as we went outside, the rest of my family wanted to take pictures, so we did. I actually don’t have any of the pictures (LOL), but I mean I’m sure taking pictures was super important.

Erica and I left our cousins and Coby to go and pick up Isaiah before going to lunch. We stopped at Isaiah’s house for a few minutes because he has TWO DOGS: Mason and Bruce. I always think Bruce is the funniest name for a dog because it makes him sound like an old, white man. Anyway, Erica loves Mason; he’s a wiener dog and we call him “Little Sausage.” It’s getting bad because I think he’s starting to respond to “Little Sausage.”

After picking Isaiah up, we went to Lunchbox Laboratory. It’s a perfectly nice restaurant, but Nicole always wants to eat there, and I don’t really get why. Erica, Eunice, Nicole, and IMG_3271I ordered shakes; I tried a banana cream pie shake, and it was really good! Everyone ordered a burger, but I ordered mac and cheese because I was really craving cheese. I posted the picture because the food looked really good, but also it tasted really good. This was another time where it was really obvious that I’m a slow eater. Everyone was done and paying, while I was trying to shove mac and cheese in my face to catch up. I don’t really know why I eat so slow; I think it might be because I like to savor my food, but also  I could just chew slow.

After eating, we all headed to an escape room! It’s called Escape Routes and it was super fun. For those who don’t know what an escape room is, you get locked in a room and have to solve a sequence of puzzles to get out. We had an hour to get out of the room; it’s pretty much an hour of thinking, “I gotta get out.”There were seven of us plus two other ladies. Trying to get out of the room was fun, but also frustrating because the one of the two other ladies was trying to do everything and not really doing much. I spent a lot of time just thinking because I couldn’t handle people in my face about doing the puzzles. We did get out though! I had a lot of fun, but I hope everyone else had fun too; it was hard to tell because I feel like there weren’t enough simultaneous puzzles for nine people to do in a room.

We headed home and Eunice tried to cut me off on the road. The problem with that was that her car sounds like a lawnmower and doesn’t speed up very fast. I ended up passing her like two seconds later and getting home before her. Erica, Isaiah, and Isaiah sat on
the couch and watched the Game Show Network for a little bit before Erica went up to wash her hair. We were planning on dying her hair. We were waiting for Olivia, though, so we didn’t actually start the process until later.

Isaiah and I helped Erica bleach the ends of her hair. I’d never used the type of bleach that we used, so we struggled a bit with getting the bleach to be the right consistency. We all put on gloves that we bought at Daiso for $1.50 and started covering the ends of her hair with bleach. We didn’t know what to do with her hair after, so I just wrapped it in tin foil. While waiting for her hair to lighten, we watched more game shows; also, Erica played Papa’s Cheeseria and I played Papa’s Sushiria. We also realized that Erica’s hair was literally baking itself; it was pretty warm. Close to when her hair was completely bleached, our parents came home, and my mom was shook with what we did to Erica’s hair.

It was a struggle washing the bleach out of Erica’s hair because while the sink we were using was deep, there wasn’t much room for me to stand around Erica. After I washed her hair, she went to go dry her hair. At this point, we were both texting Olivia and asking where she was. We sat around watching TV and waiting for Olivia before actually dying Erica’s hair. When Olivia got to our house, we sat on the floor and covered Erica’s hair in dye. We then tied her hair and stuck it in a bag. As Olivia said, Erica was a “bag head.”

When we were done, we went to go drive Isaiah home. Because none of us really had dinner, we went to McDonald’s first. We tried to go in, but the door was locked. I mean it was probably because it’s Sunday, but it was a little embarrassing. We got back in the car, screen-shot-2017-05-30-at-7-09-19-pm.png
Olivia took a picture of Erica, and we went through the drive-thru. I ordered a 20 chicken nugget meal for us to share and some fries for Isaiah. When I drove up to the window to pick up the food, Olivia opened her window, and I was a little scared of what she’d say to the person in the window. She ended up saying “have a nice night,” which is not at all what I expected.

We took Isaiah home and then drove home to eat our McDonald’s. Olivia ended up staying at our house because it’s her last night in Washington until Christmastime. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, and Erica fell asleep. We also started to watch another movie, but I fell asleep right away. I think I was just super tired because of all the activity in one day.



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