06/24/17 – PRIDE

Today’s TV

  • Say Yes to the Dress (2 episodes)
  • Riverdale 1.11

Erica and I had an uneventful morning as we waited for Eunice and Jasper to show up to our house. We’d been planning our trip to Seattle for weeks and we were so ready to go to Pridefest. We were originally going to go to the parade, but I had to volunteer on Sunday, so we just went to the festival. At around 10, Eunice and Jasper got to our house, and we were ready to leave.

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06/23/17 – On Its First Day of Its Life

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.13
  • Family Feud (4 episodes)
  • Emogenius (2 episodes)

I had work in the morning, and it was really boring. I started working for Instacart because Marymar told me it was fun and I like shopping and bagging bags, but it’s SO SLOW. I worked for 3 hours and barely did anything. It’s starting to feel like a waste of time, honestly, because I have to drive to Seattle to even be able to work. Well, I have to be a little closer to Seattle than where I live, which is inconvenient.

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06/22/17 – Is Clam Chowder a Soup?

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.12
  • Boy Band 1.1
  • The Gong Show 1.1
  • Family Feud

I jolted awake and immediately wanted to go back to bed. My head ached a little as a checked the time. It was almost time for me to leave. I really didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to. You know those headaches I’ve been getting? Well, I was going to go get an MRI of my head to make sure everything’s okay.

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06/21/17 – I Felt Like Strawberry Shortcake

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.10, 5.11
  • Masterchef 8.4

I was still a little sick, but I woke up and was excited for the day. I feel like whenever I do something I’m busy all day and, then, there are days where I do literally nothing at all. It was the first day of summer, and I had plans to go strawberry picking with Eunice, Marymar, and the twins.

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06/20/17 – Waking Up with a Sore Throat

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.189
  • Four Weddings 3.10, 3.30
  • America‚Äôs Got Talent 12.4
  • World of Dance 1.4
  • Orange is the New Black 5.8, 5.9

I’ve been waking up with a sore throat for a while now, and it only seems to get worse. I also seem to be sleeping more and more which is also a little worrying. I wend downstairs to do what I always do when I feel sick: watch TV. I was really cold, so I made myself a cup of coffee and settled down for the day.

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Today’s TV
  • American Ninja Warrior 9.2
  • Spartan 2.2

It was my first day of work; I had to wake up before 9 so that I could get to Seattle at 10. I was working at Instacart, a grocery delivery service. Our family friend, Marymar, works there, and she really likes it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

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06/18/17 – MINION TIC TACS

Today’s TV

  • Nothing! I’m shook.

I woke up at around 8, and headed to church with my mom and Erica at around 8:30. The kids played video games and Jenga. A little girl brought slime and it turned their hands blue. After service, Erica and I got donuts and waited for Eunice to talk to someone about volunteering. Then, we went home so that we could park Eunice’s car.

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06/17/17 – STOP

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7

I woke up at around 8:30, and was not so happy that I was up that early. But, I actually had things to do on this particular Saturday morning. I had a audition at 9:30. I was greeted by my mom downstairs, but I just wanted to look at my music in peace before I left. She asked if I wanted any food, but I really didn’t want to eat or do anything.

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06/16/17 – Kind of Puke-y

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.1, 5.2
  • Riverdale 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
  • The Originals 4.12

It honestly wasn’t that exciting of a day. I started off my day pretty badly; I set my alarm for 9 am, but I snoozed it so many times that I ended up getting up and going downstairs closer to 11 am. Summer, am I right?

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06/15/17 – Self-Healing In the Sun

Today’s TV

  • World of Dance 1.3
  • Family Feud

I woke up fairly late after an unrestful night, but I knew I had things to do. My dad and I went to AT&T in the morning because I was going to get a new phone. In the car, on the way there, it started sprinkling. After we parked, we quickly got out of the car and shuffled into the store.

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