06/01/17 – Did She Expect Us Not to Eat It?

Today’s TV

  • Supergirl 2.17, 2.18
  • The Flash 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
  • The Originals 4.9
  • The Amazing Race 29.12

It was another night’s sleep wasted as I tossed and turned for the second night in a row. I didn’t actually get out of bed until 11 am; yet even then, I felt so sluggish and tired. I went downstairs and watched TV for a bit. Unsurprisingly, sitting around didn’t help with how tired I was.

At around noon, my mom came home; she had a lot of appointments scheduled for the day, so she was in and out of the house. Being a classic mom, she heated up some spaghetti for all of us to eat. My dad doesn’t usually eat lunch, but with my mom at home for lunch, he’s forced into eating. It’s a little worrying that he doesn’t eat that much, but then I remember that I don’t eat that much at school either. Okay, maybe everyone should be worrying about my dad and me.

My mom and I talked for a bit before she had to leave again. I was left alone to my boredom as my mom had a meeting and my dad went to go pick up Erica from school. I ended up watching TV and doing more homework. As you can probably tell by now, I don’t have THAT MANY hobbies. Erica came home and both of us did homework with the TV as our background noise.

My TV-watching was interrupted at 5 pm when we had to leave for Erica’s orientation. Erica’s starting this program next year that’s like running start, but she learns about WHALES. Okay, not just whales, but marine biology. Why, you ask, did I have to go with them to the orientation? I DON’T KNOW; there wasn’t a reason. We got there just before the orientation started, and my mom wasn’t even there. Granted, she was on her way, but I had to sit through this orientation that had nothing to do with me. The upside is that we went out to eat after.

After spending an hour and a half in a room with 100 other people, we went out to eat because we were too lazy to go home and cook. We went to a restaurant called Anthony’s Woodfire Grill, and, unsurprisingly, it smelled like a campfire from the moment we walked it. We ordered pretty quickly; my dad got a steak, my sister and I shared a mac and cheese with chicken, and my mom got and ICEBERG WEDGE WITH BABY SHRIMP. I mean she also got a cup of soup, but I’m still so shook at how little she eats sometimes. While waiting for our food, we ate two baskets of bread. I really think the waitress was judging us, but it’s free bread; did she expect us not to eat it? When our food came, we all ate pretty quickly. My mom did NOT finish her iceberg wedge OR her soup, more shocking news.

We paid the bill and left to go home. Since my mom and my dad drove separately to the orientation, Erica and I split up. I chose to ride with my dad because I knew he’d get us home faster. It was a race home. Though, there wasn’t really much of a contest; my mom took a slower route home. Once we were all home, we watched TV together before Erica went to bed. Then, my dad and I watched The Amazing Race finale together, as my mom slept. It was kind of funny because my dad’s least favorite team won. I was pretty wiped after, so I just went to bed. It was another night that I don’t remember much. I hope I’m okay.


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