06/02/17 – Hello Kitty Has White Fur, Right?

Today’s TV
  • Supergirl 1.19
  • The Flash 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10
  • The Originals 4.10

Yet another day in which I could not get myself up at a reasonable hour. I woke up multiple times; I just never get up. Ah yes, I sound like a broken record. Maybe, it’s because I am one. I went downstairs at around 10 and quickly realized that Erica, Eunice, Jasper, and I had plans for the day. Also classic me: I’d forgotten what day it was.

I had to go pick Erica up from school at 11:20. She had a half-day at school, and I was not so happy with the responsibility of picking her up. On a half-day, the high school is crazy. Everyone wants to leave school right away; teenagers who barely know how to drive pile into their cars and try to get out of the school’s parking lot all at once. I was hoping that Erica would come out early so that we could avoid the accident-prone teenagers in surprisingly nice cars, BUT Erica came out LATE. We were stuck in traffic at the school for a while. The 12-minute drive became a 25-minute drive. Was I salty? VERY.

We had a little time at home before we were going to leave for Seattle. Erica ate a snack, and I attempted to eat a snack. I say attempted because Erica and I tried this banana cream pie that her friend brought over the other day. I took one bite and I did not want another. Then, I tried to eat chips and salsa, but I forgot how much I did not like the salsa my mom bought. Yeah, I guess it’s my fault for forgetting, but I survived. My cousins, Eunice and Jasper, got to our house a little after 12, and we all left for Seattle.

Jasper had been stalking this restaurant called Hard Wok Cafe on Instagram for some time now, so that was where we were headed. There wasn’t much traffic on the way there, which was a huge relief after the incident at the high school. We got there, though, and didn’t really know where it was. It ended up being a building which it shared with a market and a sushi place. It also had a pretty sketchy underground parking lot; the parking lot’s 5 miles per hour sign was just a piece of paper wth a 5 on it.

Despite how sketchy the outside seemed, the restaurant was actually really cute on the inside. We all ordered bubble tea: Erica got black milk tea, Eunice got yogurt green tea, Jasper got honeydew (I think), and I got taro milk tea. I felt bad for Eunice because she didn’t like her tea. I think it was because it tasted too much like yogurt. We ordered our food and everyone ordered popcorn shrimp except me. I got tomato beef soup, but I told everyone we should share it because I knew I wouldn’t finish it alone. I ate at a shockingly normal speed, as did everyone else, and we were getting full. Now, this was a problem because we all really wanted dessert. Also at this point in time, there was this group of ladies eyeing us because they wanted to steal our table. Little did they know, we also ordered dessert.

For dessert, we ordered a mango shaved ice and a tofu pudding with boba. They also have these desserts called “thick toasts” which we wanted to try, but I knew we weren’t going to finish it if we ordered it. That just means we have to go again! We tried to FullSizeRenderbrainstorm ideas of where to go after eating and we decided on the Seattle Public Library. We were thinking of going to the cat cafe again, but there were no openings; I guess that’s not unbelievable considering it was a Friday afternoon. Once we finally got our dessert, we were ready to eat again. The mango chunks were huge in the shaved ice; the bowl was pretty much overflowing. Erica ate pretty much all of the tofu pudding; it’s one of her favorite desserts. I think it’s because tofu pudding isn’t that sweet; I haven’t really asked her about it, though. We struggled to finish our desserts because we were SO FULL. But eventually, the desserts were gone, the bill was paid, and we were off to the library.

I didn’t really explain why we were going to the library. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t to go and read books. We all wanted to take pictures in the red hallway which is completely red from floor to ceiling. Erica and Eunice looked at pictures on Instagram and wanted to Image-1go there. Also, going to the library is free, and I love doing free things. We took a whole bunch of pictures in the library, including the one that’s the featured picture. I can’t stop myself from doing gymnastics in weird places; at least this time it was just the splits. We also wandered around the library more and looked at its architecture and design. There are a lot of colorful stairs in the library; I don’t really know why. We also wandered between the shelves, but we didn’t stay long. ALSO, we had an issue where we couldn’t find Eunice’s wallet. We went back to the bathroom that we went to in the red hallway to try to find it, and Eunice couldn’t find it in there. She was in a panic, but we checked one of the stalls that she didn’t check and THERE IT WAS. It was a good think we found it or else I would’ve had to drive home.

We piled into the car after the traumatic wallet experience and started to head home. Since it’s a Friday afternoon, there was A LOT of traffic on the way home. We were in the car so long that we got sick of the radio; we ended up listening to Erica’s music on her phone. I wanted to listen to Jasper’s music because he is a middle school and who knows what’s going on in their minds? But, he only uses Spotify, and he ran out of data. Convenient. Eunice finally dropped Erica and I off and home and we IMMEDIATELY flopped onto the couch.

After our adventure, we just watched TV until my mom came home. At around 7, we ate dinner; somehow, we weren’t full anymore, even after eating so much for lunch. We ate lumpia (spring rolls), rice, and mangoes. After dinner, Erica REALLY wanted to wash her stuffed animal, Coot. Let me tell you about Coot. Coot is a Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear; made in 2006, she has been through A LOT. Hello Kitty has white fur, right? Well, Coot’s pretty old, and her fur is GRAY. People never believe me when I say that she started our with white fur, that’s how gray she it. So, it was time that she got a nice bath. Erica and I scrubbed her for so long, but she still wasn’t white. We ended up just setting her on a drying rack to air-dry. Her fur’s definitely not white, but it’s also not as gray as it was. I don’t really know how long it will take Coot to dry, considering that all of her stuffing has absorbed water, so we’ll see.

My family and I all watch The Originals. Once Coot was safely on the drying rack, we all sat on the couch to watch The Originals. It’s nice to watch TV as a whole family.


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