06/04/17 – I Was a Good Egg

Today’s TV

  • The Flash 1.23, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
  • Supergirl 2.21, 2.22

Like every Sunday, my family and I headed to church right around 9 am. But before we left, we had to check on Coot; remember her? She’d been laying on the drying rack for a while and was finally dry. The problem, though, was that she was still sticky. We put her in the washer on the hand-wash setting and hope for the best.

At church, I helped my mom out in the VIP room again while my dad went to service. Mae and Bri were there again, but so was Abby. Abby and Bri together are trouble and they’re not very nice to Mae, so I played Mario Kart with Mae for a lot of the time. I let her win most of the races, and she won the tournament we were playing because Bri stood in front of me while Mae and I were playing. Bri had emerged from under a desk and wanted to do gymnastics. I guess she got tired of Abby. Soon after that, my mom came back with bacon for the kids; they really love bacon. As usual, everyone got two pieces of bacon each. Then, they were SUPPOSED to share the remaining pieces, but Abby grabbed them all. Bri stole one piece from Abby, and Abby dropped all the rest on the bacon on the floor. She then proceeded to eat the floor-bacon. I really don’t understand that child. Bri and I did some gymnastics, and Abby kept bothering Bri the rest of the time. When it was time to bring Mae and Bri to their dad, Erica and went with Mae to get a donut and I went with Bri to get a donut. Despite how much they fight, they really do like the same things: they both like Rainbow Road on Mario Kart and both like maple bars.

After church, my parents, Erica, Eunice, Jasper, and I went to run a few errands before lunch. We went to Michael’s first because Jasper needed some painting supplies and Erica needed to buy a canvas. Eunice and I kind of just wandered around while everyone else was actually looking for things. We did find these cute notebooks with different purposes; they were in all different colors and were styled differently on the inside according to their purposes. I got distracted looking at them, but eventually we moved on. Also, we lost my parents in Michael’s for a bit, so that was a little scary since we were all together, but we had lost the real adults. We headed to Daiso next because Eunice needed ink and Jasper needed a pencil pouch. Erica and I got these cute matching notebooks there. They have cats on them, and we’re going to use them to write letters to each other once I’m back in school.

Our errands were done, so we were ready to go eat! We went to the mall (again) because my mom and my dad don’t really like the same foods. We all got Chipotle except for my dad; he got Japanese food at this place called Sarku, which he loves because of their prices. Eunice, Erica, and I also got bubble tea, while Jasper got Starbucks. For once, I WASN’T THE ONE TO GET STARBUCKS. I was eating slow again, so once everyone else was done, we went home. I just took my Chipotle bowl home to eat later.

Once we got home, Erica and I cleaned the living room and brought down a bunch of board games. Some of our friends were coming over for game afternoon(?) and we
Image-1-6weren’t really sure what they wanted to play. Right before our friends came, Erica started watching the One Love Manchester benefit concert on YouTube. And at around 2:30, our friends came over. I mean, I guess I should introduce them. Over to the left there is Oliver watching the benefit concert that Erica left on the TV while we were playing games. And if you scroll down, that’s Alex, Aaron, and my mom who came down to watch us play. We started off playing Exploding Kittens because it’s a pretty simple game. Eunice and Jasper were still there watching us play, but Jasper was sick, so they went home not long after we started playing. Anyways, I’ve always had mixed feelings about Exploding Kittens because it’s a fun game, but kittens explode, so I’m always torn. I GUESS because it wasn’t just Erica, my mom, and me playing, it was more fun, but THE KITTENS.

Then, we played Shrek (Sheriff) of Nottingham. It was more fun with more people because their was more lying and more paranoia. It was a little bit of a mess for Aaron, though, who lost a lot of his money pretty early on in the game. I ended up winning Image-1-7.jpgbecause I was a good egg who DIDN’T LIE. We played Codenames next, and Oliver didn’t want Alex on his team, so the teams were: Aaron and Oliver vs. Alex, Erica, and me. My mom didn’t want to even out the teams; she just watched instead. So, the point of the game is to find all of your agents on this board made of different words. The two Spymasters, Alex and Aaron in the picture, have to give their teammates clues to figure out which words on the board the agents are hiding on. Whoever uncovers all their spies first, wins. I struggled a lot being the Spymaster one round: I tried to connect the words scientist and eagle with the word BEAK-er. We won that round, though, so everything worked out. We played a few rounds of Codenames before they had to leave. Oliver had to be home at 5 and they left at…5:05. It was fun though, especially since I don’t really see anyone that often.

After they left, Erica and I played Just Dance 2017 again because our mom didn’t want to play a board game with us. When we were tired, we watched The Flash. We just kept watching until we had dinner. My dad cooked steak and he was a little salty because no one helped him in the kitchen (oops). But after, he was less salty and we all watched Supergirl together. We finished season 2 of Supergirl, and I almost cried. I love and hate catching up on shows because I like binge watching, but because the series isn’t over yet, I HAVE TO WAIT for the next season to start.




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