06/05/17 – OH NO

Today’s TV

  • The Flash 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 2.10, 2.11
  • The Bachelorette 13.3

My mom walks in my room at around 7:30 and says, “what time are you getting up?” and I reply that I had an alarm set for 8 am. WELL, I was a complete mess. Did my alarm go off? Probably. Do I remember it going off? Not. At. All. I had an orthodontist’s appointment at 10:10 am, and guess what time I woke up? 9:43. I literally jumped out of bed saying, “OH NO.” I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth, and ran out the door with my dad.

We got to the orthodontist’s office at exactly 10:10 and I went in while my dad stayed in the car to make a phone call. It took a while to actually be seen by the orthodontist, but when I did, they fixed my retainer really quickly. I had to get it fixed because I chewed through the back of it, which apparently is not very common. I left the office with the retainer in my mouth, and let me tell you: it wasn’t a great feeling. My retainer had been broken for a while, so my teeth were very confused when I put in the new retainer.

For the rest of the day, I watched The Flash. Erica and I also, kind, of cleaned out the pantry. The last time I cleaned out the pantry was before I left for college when I found cans in the back of our pantry that expired in 2009. Well, there were more expired cans of food in there this time. We also found this halo halo mix which we ended up eating. A picture of it is the featured picture, but the sketchy part about that was that there was a date inside. Well, it looked like a date, but why would it be inside? I don’t remember the exact date, but the mix would’ve been 10 years old. Well, we ate it anyway, and we’re fine, so it’s all good.

I didn’t really have anything to watch at primetime on a Monday, so I ended up watching The Bachelorette. It’s and okay show; I don’t really know why people are so obsessed with it.


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