06/06/17 – She’s Getting Smarter

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.179
  • The Flash 2.12, 2.13, 2.14, 2.15, 2.16, 2.17, 2.18, 2.19, 2.20, 2.21, 2.22
  • America’s Got Talent 12.2
  • World of Dance 1.2

I was fast asleep in my bed after a long night of dreams that I don’t remember. The sun shone through my window, but today I didn’t wake up. I had set multiple alarms, and all but one were snoozed by my sleep-self; she’s getting smarter, and sometimes I wonder if I do things in my sleep that I don’t remember in the morning. As the last alarm went off, I finally woke up, but even then I felt asleep. I forced myself to go downstairs and to watch TV to keep myself awake. I had an appointment at noon, but I was just so tired.

At around 11:45, I left for the doctor’s office. I should’ve left earlier, but I guess I spaced out enough that I didn’t notice the time. I did get there before noon, but only slightly. I pretty much went to go see my doctor because I’ve been having headaches, and since I didn’t really want to get to know a new doctor, I went back to my pediatrician. I mean they still let me come back! Granted, it’s probably because my mom works there too, but whatever works right? To make the long story short, I’m going to get an MRI, and hopefully nothing’s wrong! Okay, LIKELY nothing’s wrong and I just have migraines.

After my appointment, my mom and I went to go eat at Taco Bell. There weren’t very many people in the place, considering it was 1 pm on a Tuesday. My mom and I ordered right away, and got our food in record time; I guess that’s why they call it fast food. I took a picture of my mom while we were there, but she didn’t want me to post it. SO, the featured photo is just of my wrapped food featuring the open cheese sauce in the back. My mom ordered a quesadilla, like she usually does, I ordered Doritos Locos tacos, and we shared those new chicken nuggets that are shaped like triangles. Side note: why did they make the name for a taco with a Doritos shell SO HARD to say? Anyway, I actually really liked the chicken nuggets and it came with hot cheese, so that’s a plus. I guess it’s not really surprising that I liked the chicken nuggets…

I dropped my mom off at the clinic before heading home. I got home before my dad and my sister who were coming from the high school. For the rest of the day, I binge-watched The Flash. I pretty much caught up to where my sister was in the show. My family and I watched America’s Got Talent together like usual before we all went to do other things. By other things, I mean: Erica went to bed, I kept watching TV downstairs, and my mom and dad went to go watch TV upstairs and fall asleep doing it. They always fall asleep watching TV; I don’t know how they even know what’s going on in the shows they watch.


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