06/07/17 – That’s Healthy, Right?

Today’s TV
  • Let’s Make a Deal
  • The Price is Right 45.180
  • The Flash 2.23, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
  • Master of None 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8

I started using this app called Sleep Alarm because I’ve been struggling with waking up, as evidenced by my recent posts. Let’s just say it didn’t really help. The app is supposed to keep track of how deep you’re sleeping at any given moment, then, it wakes you up when you’re sleeping lightly so that you don’t feel groggy. HOWEVER, sleep me closed the app so it didn’t even really get the chance to work. I feel like she doesn’t want me to wake up; maybe she’s plotting something? Who knows?

I had a super exciting morning full of errands. I came downstairs to watch my morning game shows, since I actually woke up for once. Three-quarters of the way through The Price is Right, I got hungry. Here’s the catch. I had to pee in a cup for my doctor. I guess I have to backtrack because I didn’t mention it in my previous post. When the medical assistant at the clinic took my blood pressure, it was around 125/80. I know what you’re thinking if you know anything about blood pressure: that’s a pretty normal number. WELL APPARENTLY, before around 2 years ago, the bottom number of my blood pressure was always 60, so they wanted to see if anything was wrong.

I peed in a cup. Great, so now what? I washed my hands, sealed the cup in a biohazard bag, went downstairs, sat down, and ate some S’mores yogurt. Yay! But then, I had to stop eating my yogurt to take my pee cup back to the clinic. Is this too much detail for you guys? Probably! My dad, my pee cup, and I went on an adventure to my mom’s clinic. Just to let you guys know, I did not FORCE my dad to come, he wanted to go to Costco after. When we got to the clinic, my dad stayed in the car while I went to go deliver my pee. Wow, that’s a weird sentence to type. Anyway, I waited as they tested my urine to see if anything was off, but I WAS FINE. I learnt exactly NOTHING. I said bye to my mom, who was going to see a patient, and I went back to the car, so that we could go to Costco.

I feel like we go to Costco way more than the average Costco member, but that’s okay with me because I love free samples. We went to go buy salmon, which was, unfortunately, pre-filleted, and also other various meats. We also bought bagel bites and also regular bagels. Maybe we should eat more vegetables, but carbs are so good. We did get a watermelon though; that’s healthy, right? I guess I’m not really the poster child for a healthy lifestyle. I sleep A LOT, I exercise very little, and I eat garbage (not literally). Anyway, I got a hot dog for lunch because I’m always down for a Costco hot dog and my dad got a turkey sandwich because he’d already had a hot dog this week.

We left Costco to finish running my dad’s errands. We went to FedEx and the post office because my dad had things to ship, while I ate my hot dog in the car. You see, my dad sells Legos online, so he goes to both FedEx and the post office A LOT. Shameless plug: his website is ibricktoys.com. Our garage is overflowing with Legos as it has been for pretty much my whole life. This needs to stop.

When we finally got home, I started watching Master of None because I had to wait for Erica to watch more of the The Flash. I tried to do work while watching TV, but, to be honest, I paid more attention to the show. It’s really good and it’s on Netflix; I really should be sponsored for advertising these shows. I almost finished the show because Erica had violin, so I was left alone to just keep watching.

Erica came home and it was time to cook dinner. Remember when I cleaned out the pantry? Well, there was some cream of chicken soup in there that was going to expired on June 24th, so we decided to use it to make enchiladas. I cooked the chicken while Erica did homework, and once the chicken was cooked, we actually made the enchiladas. My dad was a little hangry by the time we were done, but all in all, it was a good dinner. A picture of Erica and the enchiladas is the featured picture; you can tell she wants me to stop taking pictures because she’s hungry too. After, Erica and I just watched The Flash; we’re now working to catch up with my dad who’s on season 3: episode 15.

I was really tired by 10 pm, so I actually went to bed early. Wait, was I tired? Or did my sleep self just want to take over. That’s something to think about…


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