06/09/17 – SOUNDS FAKE, DAD

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.182
  • The Flash 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13
  • Masterchef 8.2

After my usual morning struggle with my sleep-self, I went downstairs to watch TV. I had to go check on my mom’s godmother, Susan, but I wanted to watch The Price is Right first. After finishing the show, I was planning on leaving right away, but my dad said he had some errands to run and he offered to drive me to Susan’s house.

I called before we left the house, but she didn’t answer the phone. When we got there, I went in, hoping that she was okay. Turns out, she was just in her room reading her mail. She voted for Trump (yikes), so she was getting mail from the Republican Party. She ranted to me about the last election for a little bit before we started talking about something else. She REALLY hates Hillary Clinton, but she also doesn’t really like Trump, so she was just complaining a lot. We also talked about my childhood, and how I’m her favorite child (gotcha YEET, Erica). I hung out with her while my dad ran errands, and I think she was really happy that I came. I also checked to make sure she wasn’t in pain since she just had back surgery. She really wanted to stretch her back, BUT SHE JUST HAD SURGERY.

My dad and I stopped by my mom’s office on the way home because I had to give Susan’s house keys to my mom. I tried to text my mom when we got there, but she didn’t answer. I called, and she didn’t answer. Turns out, she was eating lunch and just wasn’t checking her phone. When I got home, my dad was a little hangry because it was 1:30 and we hadn’t eaten lunch. He insists that he’s fine not eating lunch everyday, but he’s always so hangry, so SOUNDS FAKE, DAD. We ate leftover bulgogi that we ate for dinner the night before, and after, my dad was less salty.

I worked on my homework until I had to leave to pick Erica up at school. I got to the school at exactly 3: the time she told my dad to pick her up. WELL, she came out late, so I spent more time at the high school (yay). We ended up going to Starbucks before going home. She got a s’mores frappuccino and I got their midnight mint mocha frappuccino. I drove home real quick so that we could watch The Flash.

Erica’s friend, Emma, had a performance class showcase type thing at 7 pm, so we pretty much just watched TV until then. We had pollock burgers for dinner and, to be honest, I didn’t really like them that much. Soon after eating, we left to go back to the high school. The performance was actually really cute. Each student had they’re own project that they’r been working on all semester. There was choose-your-own-adventure act and there was singing (lots of singing), and more. Emma did a project on leading with your body. She had a bunch of volunteers come up to the stage, and I forced Erica to go up so that I could take the picture that’s the featured picture. The performance was surprisingly long, and I was tired after. Erica and I zoomed home, after she said bye to Emma.

We didn’t do much once we got home, since it was around 9 pm. My dad and I watched the second episode of Masterchef, but I was super tired after that. I did some homework, which I’m actually a little behind one; then, I passed out in bed because I was so tired.



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