06/10/17 – We’re Not In a TV Show about Vampires

Today’s TV

  • The Flash 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22, 3.23
  • Riverdale 1.1
  • The Originals 4.11

Hey, remember Coot? We washed her about a week ago, and June 9th is actually the day that Erica got her from Build-a-Bear ELEVEN YEARS AGO. So, happy birthday, Coot! Maybe it’s a little silly that we still keep track of stuff like that, but memories are important. I woke up at around 8 am, hoping that my parents would not drag Erica and I on a walk. Let me explain:

My mom and dad have been really into walking and hiking recently, but Erica hates it, and it’s not really my favorite thing to do, considering I have flat feet. My mom was planning on going on a walk at Deception Pass which is an hour away from our house. Going on the walk would mean spending pretty much the whole day either in the car or walking. Surprisingly, she let Erica and I stay home, while she and my dad went with our neighbors to go walk. They were a little cranky while packing for their trip, so I stayed in my room and pretended to be asleep (sorry, mom).

After they left, Erica and I both got up and went downstairs to watch The Flash. Since we were both hungry, we decided to both eat a bagel or, in Erica’s case, half a bagel. We opened the drawer that the bagels were in to find that the plain bagels were moldy. They were less than a week old, so that was pretty sketchy. Because of that, we ate cinnamon raisin bagels, which were bought at the same time, but not moldy at all; isn’t that weird? We toasted our bagels and ate them while watching TV. I also made coffee and added a lot of chocolate syrup to it; for some reason, I just really wanted chocolate.

We were determined to finish the most recent season while also doing work. Erica was doing more work than I was, considering I kept getting really distracted by the show. Sometime in the afternoon, Erica and I were getting hungry, so we decided to heat up bagel bites. We came across a little problem here. There were workers outside cleaning up the yard. Remember when Erica was salty about pulling weeds because there were workers coming to do the job? Well, the workers were busy doing their job, but I guess they had a question or something because one of them rang the doorbell a little before Erica and I were hungry. We ignored it, hoping that they would assume no one was home. BUT, when we were going to heat up our bagel bites, we realized that the blinds were open and that the workers could probably see inside if they wanted to. If they were to see us, they would’ve known that people were home. SO, we crawled on the floor a bit and tried to avoid eye contact with workers if we were standing. It was a little ridiculous because we didn’t even know when or if they were looking in the window.

After that struggle, we sat on the couch, ate our food, and continued to watch The Flash. At about 4, our parents got back from their walk and lunch with the neighbors. Erica and I were two and a half episodes away from finishing the season. My mom was a little salty that we did nothing but watch TV all day, but I think she got over it. Erica and I finished the season, and it was a little sad because we don’t really know what to watch next. But almost immediately after, we had to go upstairs and clean our rooms because we’re literal messes.

Erica and I went through all our old clothes and donated a bunch of stuff. It was weird because I didn’t even realize that I still had some of the clothes I found. We had fun trying on old clothes to see if they still fit. Just to let you know, SOME CLOTHES STILL FIT. img_3373.png
Erica put on a tank top that I wore when I was 10. I mean, it was a crop top on her, but she got it on! We also realized that we had A LOT of fancy dresses, and we don’t even really go to fancy things, so I don’t know why my parents agreed to buy us those dresses. Erica found all her old bows and because bowhead; she’s not baghead anymore. She put all the bows on her head, and we took pictures. The featured picture is one of them, and the picture on the right is another. We worked for hours, and my room’s not even that clean because I went through my closet and not the stuff on the floor. We eventually stopped to go eat dinner with our dad.

Where was mom, you ask? Okay, you probably didn’t ask that, but I’ll tell you anyway. My mom went to her godmother’s house to go check on her because Susan called and said she was in pain. Rightfully worried, my mom jumped out of bed and rushed to Susan’s house to check on her. My mom wasn’t home for dinner because she was still at Susan’s, and my dad was salty about it. As we ate leftovers for dinner, my dad complained about how my mom was laying in bed all day since the walk and didn’t get up until someone else needed her help. You see, my dad is all about putting family, as in direct family, first. It’s kind of like in The Originals when they talk about protecting that family and when they say, “Always and Forever.” That’s all fine and dandy, except for the fact that: we’re not in a TV show about vampires. He was just salty because my mom wasn’t helping to clean the house, but then will offer to go help Susan.

Anyway, after dinner, my feet hurt, so I went to my parents’ room to lay down. I would’ve rested in my own bed, but it was covered in clothes and hangers. Erica and I ended up watching the first episode of Riverdale, which I’d already seen, but she hadn’t. We were watching it peacefully, when both of our parents came upstairs and were shook that we were watching something that wasn’t The Flash. They wanted to watch The Originals, so we finished the episode, and switched shows. I feel like watching TV as a family is good for us because we’re spending time together, but there’s no talking, which means there’s no arguing. Okay, that sounds pretty bad, but YAY TV, right?

The Originals ended and we were left wanting to watch the next episode, but it HASN’T COME OUT YET. Watching TV shows as they’re released is frustrating. Erica went to bed, and I went back to my room to organize all the clothes and hangers on my bed. When that was done, my body was exhausted, but my brain was so awake that I couldn’t sleep. Honestly, that happens to me a lot and it’s really annoying. My brain and my body are very rarely synched up (yikes), and that’s probably why I always feel tired. I don’t really know how to fix it; I just know how to struggle.


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