06/12/17 – Suddenly, It Was 2008

Today’s TV

  • Let’s Make a Deal
  • The Price is Right
  • NBA Playoff: Game 5
  • American Ninja Warrior 9.1
  • Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge 2.1

I actually woke up pretty early, for me, and I went downstairs to watch TV. I knew that I was supposed to go visit my mom’s godmother to check up on her, but I selfishly didn’t leave until after The Price is Right. After watching, I left to go to Susan’s house.

On the way there, there wasn’t that much traffic, and that put me in a pretty good mood. I struggled to unlock Susan’s door with the key my mom gave me before I finally made it into her house. I don’t know why, but I always struggle with opening doors with keys. I walked in and it felt like walking back in time. Suddenly, it was 2008 and I was a 6th grader living in a strange home. My parents had decided to remodel the house, so we couldn’t stay there for a while. I remembered how much I didn’t like staying there because there was no cable, no Internet, and it felt so far from my school and my friends Well, in reality, it’s only like 4 minutes further away from the middle school I went to than my house. I was just really dramatic. Anyway, it’s a really nice house, but because I lived there at a weird time in my life, it’s associated with weird memories.

I found Susan in her room laying down. I told her not to get up, but she’s a stubborn lady, so she got up anyway. While I was there, I did chores for her that she couldn’t really do because of her recovering back. The first thing I did was water her flowers. I was glad her yard’s small because the hose she has was a piece of work. Then, she had me blend old eggshells, fruit peels, and other compost items to make fertilizer. It looked like vomit; it really wasn’t pleasant. I, then, had to bring the blended fertilizer outside and pour it at the roots of a tree that she was trying to help grow. It gets grosser: I didn’t just have to pour it, I had to mix it into the dirt. I think I can cross farmer off my back-up job list because that wasn’t pleasant.

After, I helped her sweep the floor before sitting with her while she ate lunch. I didn’t eat anything because I really wanted to go to Panda Express on the way home. I actually really like talking to Susan now that I’m not an angsty child in her WiFi-less house. There weren’t any more chores to do, so I ended up teaching her how to use her iPad. She FINALLY had WiFi in her house because her roommate bought a router. 9 years too late, buddy. I helped her bookmark the sermons she listens to and taught her how to use Facebook. We spent at least half-an-hour scrolling through her Facebook feed because she’d never done it before and wanted to see what her friends were doing. She also saw a dog video that she really liked. I don’t think she’d ever watched a dog video before because she kept yelling, “CUTE, CUTE, CUTE” throughout the video. If you wanna know, the video was of a big dog carrying a small dog in a bucket.

The last thing I had to do for her was buy her Aleve and wipes from Walmart. I really struggled to find the wipes because they weren’t where she said they would be, so I bought something similar to what she wanted. I got back to her house, and the wipes weren’t the one’s that she wanted. She didn’t tell me to go back, but I offered to stop by Walmart again to look for them before I came over next. Before I left, I told her I’d come the next day, but that I would be late.

By the time I left, it was around 3:30. I had been there for 4 hours and I was REALLY hungry. I went to Panda Express and got chow mein with orange chicken and broccoli img_3376.jpg
beef. I also stopped by Starbucks to try the infamous Pink Drink; I made a picture of it the featured picture because it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. It was actually pretty good; it tasted like Trident Layers. The whole day up to this point was pretty much a middle school flashback.

I went home and ate while doing my homework. I pretty much just worked on homework until dinner. For dinner we had salmon and longaniza, which is just sausagepretty much, but I wasn’t really hungry, so I didn’t eat much. After dinner we watched the NBA Playoff game and the Warriors won, so both my dad and I were happy, while my mom just watched and asked, “who’s that,” whenever anyone showed up on the TV. When that was over, my mom and I kept watching TV together until we went to bed at around 11 pm.


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