06/13/17 – I DID NOT PREPARE

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right
  • GSN Shows

I started the day off with working on my homework. I don’t really know why, but I was struggling a lot with the Google Maps API. I spent a couple hours working on my project before I knew that I had to go. I had plans with Eunice (again!) and an informal interview.

We left my house at 11:30 after Eunice and I looked through Erica’s yearbook full of people we don’t know. We went to a Whole Foods in Seattle where I had my interview-type-thing for Instacart. They pretty much just had me shop, so that was fun. I’d never really shopped in a Whole Foods before, so I struggled to find kombucha (they had three different refrigerators with kombucha), but they didn’t say no to hiring me, so…yay!

After, Eunice and I went to go eat chicken and waffles at this place called Fat’s Chicken and Waffles. We parked on the street even though we didn’t know whether we could park there, and we walked up a slight hill to get to the restaurant. A picture of the chicken and waffles is the featured picture because it was just so aesthetically pleasing (like the Starbucks). The food was REALLY good. The chicken was spicy, but not overwhelmingly spicy, and it went really well with the rest of the food. When we finished eating, I actually can’t believe we both finished our food, but we do end up eating a lot when we’re together. We were really full and needed to head home because Eunice needed to pick up her brother.

There was some traffic on our way home, but it wasn’t the worst because I just drove in the carpool lane and Eunice and I talked the whole time, so it wasn’t boring. We got back to my house at around 3, and Eunice immediately left to go pick up her brother. I went inside and worked on my homework. I had the Game Show Network on while I was working, but I don’t really remember exactly what shows were on because I wasn’t paying attention.

At around 6, my mom, Erica, and I left to go to the high school because Erica had an orchestra concert. It didn’t start until 7, but my mom was volunteering and Erica had to be early. I just followed them around and, eventually, did some homework. The concert was okay; I mean I was in orchestra for all four years in high school and every concerts is the same format, just with different pieces. Erica was doing sound for the show, so we had to stay through the end; that means that we had to listen to people giving seniors gifts and watch a slideshow for an extra 40 minutes or so. Also, YA GIRL saw people from high school and she did not appreciate that. I DID NOT PREPARE. To be honest, I feel like I don’t prepare for anything.

Anyway, Erica and I went home at around 9:40 and immediately retreated to our rooms. We were both really tired; Erica went to bed and I scrolled on my iPod for a while before going to bed.


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