06/14/17 – DNA of a Rock Monster

Today’s TV

  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 15.153
  • The Chase 4.1
  • America’s Got Talent 8.2
  • Family Feud (4 episodes)
  • Idiotest (2 episodes) + 4.43, 4.44
  • Emogenius 1.1, 1.3
  • Cash Cab 6.3

I woke up and stayed in bed because I really didn’t want to get up and actually do things. I got up a little before 10, changed, and went downstairs. My dad and I left for Costco soon after.

We wanted to see if it was cheaper to buy a new phone at Costco, but it wasn’t, so we just bought K-cups, strawberries, and other miscellaneous food. Costco had just opened, but the lines were already SO LONG. We were behind this guy who tried to used someone else’s Costco card. He was caught, but they gave him a warning, so I guess they didn’t really care THAT much.

My dad and I split up after our Costco run; he went home and I went to Susan’s house. If you haven’t read any of my other posts, Susan is my mom’s godmother who had back surgery last Thursday. I was going to her house to help her with chores and to check on her. I stopped by Walmart on the way there because she needed wipes, but when I got to her house, of course, they were the wrong wipes. She wanted a specific kind, so I told her I’d go back eventually.

The first thing I did was grind up her compost and pour it by the roots of the flowers outside. She had moldy tomatoes in there today; it really was delightful. I then helped her start a load of laundry before helping her with her food. She didn’t have much laundry, but I struggled a bit because she has one of those washers that opens at the top. I struggled because, when I was 9, I had this really vivd nightmare that involved washing machines. In the nightmare, one of my friends fell into a washing machine and then started turning into a large rock monster similar to The Thing, but rougher around the edges and gray. The next thing I remember is watching a news report on how the laundry was contaminated with something that morphed people’s DNA into that of a rock monster. I’m not really sure what the structure of DNA of a rock monster would even be, but my 9-year-old brain wasn’t really THAT logical. And the last thing I remember was running down my street, calling out to see if anyone was there. There was no one in any of the houses, and giant rock monsters were just roaming around. One stepped on my house and one almost stepped on me, but I woke up before that happened. SO, that’s why I was freaked out by the washing machine for about 5 years of my life.

After I helped her load the laundry machine, I helped her debone a Costco rotisserie chicken that her niece had dropped off the day before. I have no idea why Susan’s niece thought that Susan could eat an entire rotisserie chicken in one day. We separated the legs and the wings for lunch, put the breasts in a tupperware for later, and put the rest of the meat and bones in a pot with water. She really likes making soup out of everything because it’s easy, and she doesn’t think she can cook. While the soup was cooking, I offered to go back to Walmart to return things that she didn’t want and to finally find the right wipes.

At Walmart, the returns line was really long, and I was getting impatient. After what seemed like an hour, I had finally returned the items and was on the look-out for wipes. I ended up finding the wipes that she wanted in the baby care section. It was a little hard to find EXACTLY which wipes she wanted because she wanted a certain number, a certain type, and a certain brand. They had to be a 240 pack of Walmart brand wipes that were non-flushable. It was a mess for me trying to find them. I headed back to her house, and, when I got there, she confirmed that I FINALLY got the right wipes.

I took out the laundry to hang up on a drying rack. She told me to hang stuff in the bathroom all around, so her bathroom was just full of drying clothes. I put in another load of laundry that was just blankets, because they wouldn’t fit in the first load. Then, I prepared lunch. I opened a salad kit that my mom got for Susan and washed the vegetables. I warmed up the chicken legs and thighs so that we could eat them with the salad. Susan cut up some apples to eat with the salad, and we started eating. Eating with her made me realize that my family doesn’t really eat vegetables that much. We’re not really the healthiest bunch. I helped Susan finish all of the salad and chicken because she didn’t want to have any leftovers. I washed the dishes for her, swept the floor, then put the blankets in the dryer.

She also wanted me to go outside and trim the droopy flowers. I felt bad for the flowers because almost all of them were droopy. I even left some of the droopy ones because I didn’t want there to be NO FLOWERS. I also checked her mail, and she had a lot of junk. Also, apparently she was six plots of land in New Mexico that her ex-husband gave to her and she’s been paying taxes for SO MANY YEARS. No one even uses the land, and she even says it’s bad land, whatever that means. I don’t know what she’s going to do about it. After I sat while she read her mail, we checked on the blankets in the dryer. One of them was dry, so I took that one out and laid it on the bed. She wanted me to iron her pillowcases, so I did just that. I did accidentally hit the side of my thumb with the iron because I’m just bad at ironing. She just wanted the pillowcases ironed so that the heat would make them dry faster. I don’t know why we didn’t just put them in the dryer with the blanket.

After the second blanket was dry and the bed was made, she told me that she wanted to rest and that I could go home. On the way home, I stopped by Starbucks to get a matcha lemonade, shown in the featured picture. It was really good, maybe because it mostly just tasted like lemonade. But, FINALLY there’s a drink that’s my favorite color that I actually like. There was a little traffic getting onto the freeway going home, but it didn’t take long for me to get home and to completely flop onto the couch.

I was planning on getting a new phone, so I had to transfer all the pictures off my old phone onto my laptop. I spent a while doing that because I had 2 years worth of pictures on my old phone. And while I was doing that, I just had the game show network on so img_3388that I could play along with the games. I also worked on my homework, and finished my project that I’d been stuck on. It took a really long time getting all of the pictures off my phone; I had to put a microSD card into the phone and put all the pictures on there. BUT, the phone would only let me put around 40 pictures on the microSD card at once, so it was a process. I also had to email videos to myself, which took extra time. I stopped to eat dinner and even watched America’s Got Talent with my family before it was done. But after a few hours of that, I finally was ready to say goodbye to my phone. It was kind of sad because this phone was my first smartphone, but it was time

I worked on more homework for a few hours before going to bed. I actually wasn’t that tired when I went to bed; I’m actually more tired as I type this sentence (LOL).


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