06/15/17 – Self-Healing In the Sun

Today’s TV

  • World of Dance 1.3
  • Family Feud

I woke up fairly late after an unrestful night, but I knew I had things to do. My dad and I went to AT&T in the morning because I was going to get a new phone. In the car, on the way there, it started sprinkling. After we parked, we quickly got out of the car and shuffled into the store.

I’m going to start working as an Instacart shopper this week, so my dad and I went to the store to buy a new phone. My old phone, pictured in the last post, was a little over two years old, and it was time for an upgrade. We waited for a bit before there was someone available to help us; my dad even charged his phone using one of the cords they use to plug in the display iPhones. I think his battery went up 9% while we were waiting; I remember him saying it to the guy that helped us, but I can’t recall the exact number. I got a red iPhone 7, and the guy tried to sell us some more things. He tried to sell us a $40 screen protector and an equally expensive case. He also tried to sell us an iPad, an Apple Watch, and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I mean, he was a sales guy, so at least he tried. He also really wanted us to fill out the after-visit survey, but I never got one. Maybe my dad did, but I’m sure he ignored it.

After we traded in my old phone for the new phone, my dad and I went to Bellevue. He was hungry so we ate at this restaurant called Cafe Ori. We ordered sweet and sour pork chops and chicken and shrimp chow fun. My dad had an appointment at 1, but the food didn’t come out very fast, so we were late to that. While we were waiting for the food, I set up my new phone and my dad read the news on his. We ate really fast; I actually ate so fast that it gave me a stomach ache. I’m usually a SUPER SLOW eater, so that meal was a change of pace, literally.

When we finished eating, we went to the Tesla dealership. My dad had ordered a Tesla while i was in school, and my entire family didn’t tell me. Supposedly, they forget, but I Tesla Symbol
don’t know how real that is. We got into the building and were greeted by a receptionist who, then called two other people to come out: one person to get my dad to sign the paperwork, and one person to teach him how to use the car. While my dad went to the bathroom really quickly, I made small talk to the lady who was going to teach my dad how to use the car. She’s probably the first adult I’ve talked to on the west coast that knows where Tufts is. By that, I mean I didn’t have to say, “I go to school at Tufts…it’s in Boston.” Apparently, she went to graduate school for music, but I guess she’s selling Teslas now.

When my dad came out of the bathroom, we went into this room that had a whole bunch of Tesla’s just sitting there waiting to be picked up. My dad went over to sign the paperwork and I just waited. When he was done, we immediately were taught how to charge the car. It took a good amount of time for the woman to explain all the featured to my dad. It’s actually really cool; the car’s like a computer. It also has falcon wing doors, which means they open upwards. ALSO, the key fob is a MINI TESLA – SO CUTE. Pretty much everything is automatic; to be honest, it’ll probably be hard to get used to. When we were done learning about the car’s features, we were ready to go!

BUT, we weren’t taking it home yet. Sad, I know. My dad dropped me off in the parking lot so that I could drive our other car to the detailing place that we were taking the Tesla to. But first, I took a picture of the car and it’s actually the featured picture of this post. I’m thinking of a name for the car, considering I’ve named all our current cars. I don’t usually call them by name, but my mom’s Lexus is Lexi, my dad’s Sienna is Vanna, and my RAV4 is Ravi; I’m not very creative. I was thinking Tessa, but that’s probably too obvious. I was also thinking Xavier, but I should probably talk to my dad, maybe he wants to name the car.

I drove behind my dad to the detailing place and, when we got there, we were greeted by a very tall man. He and my dad talked about how much of the car to wrap in this film made by STEK. The film is pretty cool because it’s self-healing in the sun. I wish I could self-heal in the sun. But also, I like the cold, so, basically, I’m a living contradiction. Anyway, my dad decided to wrap the entire car with it; honestly, I expected nothing less. He also wanted the front windows tinted, since the back windows are tinted so dark. After looking at a Tesla in the shop that was wrapped, we went into the office where my dad paid a deposit. Then, we were on our way home, without the new car.

Once we got home, Erica was already home from school and doing her homework. I did some homework and then watched the episode of World of Dance that I missed on Tuesday. After, I practiced piano for a bit because I didn’t really know what else to do to procrastinate doing homework. The rest of the day really wasn’t that exciting. There wasn’t anything to watch on TV because most shows have ended for the summer, so Erica and I just watched Family Feud on Game Show Network. They’re having this marathon of episodes where Steve Harvey is SO SHOOK. I’ve seen so many episode of Family Feud, but my favorite is probably the one where the question is, “name a phrase that starts with pork,” and the guy says, “CUPINE.” OR the one where, in fast money, Steve asks, “we asked 100 men, when you’re at the doctor’s what does the doctor look into with a flashlight?” I’m sure it wasn’t worded like that, but you get the point. The first guy says, “BUTT,” and Steve laughs and looks at the guy like he’s crazy, but just rolls with it. Then, the second guy comes on and also says, “BUTT,” and Steve LOSES it and has to stop the clock because the fact that they both said, “butt,” was took much for him.


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