06/18/17 – MINION TIC TACS

Today’s TV

  • Nothing! I’m shook.

I woke up at around 8, and headed to church with my mom and Erica at around 8:30. The kids played video games and Jenga. A little girl brought slime and it turned their hands blue. After service, Erica and I got donuts and waited for Eunice to talk to someone about volunteering. Then, we went home so that we could park Eunice’s car.

When we got home, we immediately left to go to Boiling Point. I feel like we always eat there even though my mom is tired of it. We went, though, because it was Father’s Day and my dad wanted to eat either Boiling Point or ramen. I ordered the milk cream curry soup like usual, and I took a picture of it because, even though it was ugly, I wanted to put the picture on this post.  I actually didn’t stuff myself with food this time and took a box home because it’s two meals for the price of one! We got there right when it opened, which was good because there was a huge line while we were eating.

After eating, my mom wanted to go to the grocery store to buy mangoes and anything else she needed for cooking. Eunice, Jasper, Erica, and I walked around the store while IMG_0153.JPGmy mom and dad were grocery shopping. We were looking in the snack section for anything that we wanted. Only Jasper ended up buying things. He bought dried mangoes for his dad and MINION TIC TACS. I still can’t believe he bought them. My mom bought us mango mochi and we ate it in the car on the way home. Apparently, one of Eunice’s friends says she likes mochi ice cream, but takes the mochi part off of it. When Eunice told me, I was super confused because that means she just likes ice cream.

When we got home, Jasper and Erica worked on their homework while Eunice and I didn’t really do anything. I should’ve been working on homework, but I was too full to do anything. Erica and I downloaded Sims 4 on our laptops before we had to leave. We left my house to go pick up balloons for our cousin, Hans. He was graduating that day and his sister wanted us to buy balloons for him that spelled out his name. So, we bought $45 worth in balloons at Party City, shoved them into my car, and drove to the arena where graduation was.

I was 90% sure we couldn’t bring the balloons into the arena, and Eunice and Erica confirmed by a quick Google search. So, we left the balloons in the car while we went in. Image-1-16.jpgWe got into the arena right at 5, when the doors opened, and found and saved seats for my parents and Hans’ mom. We also bought snacks because we were hungry again. Every time Erica and I are in an arena or stadium of some sort, we always get Dippin’ Dots. I think it reminds both of us of our childhood. We also got popcorn and nachos to share.

The actual graduation ceremony started at 6, and it actually wasn’t that long. It was around an hour and a half, which was good. It was really funny because none of us knew what their school mascot until graduation. I guess we never really thought about it; by the way, their mascot is Otis the fighting Scot. After the ceremony was over, Eunice, Jasper, and I ran back to my car to grab the balloons. This is where things started to go awry. I had a feeling that getting letter balloons was a bad idea, considering that if one was let go, it would look stupid. So, OF COURSE, the balloon JasperIMG_0198 was holding CAME OFF OF THE STRING. He didn’t let it go; it just came off. We were H-less. We gave Hans balloons that spelled: “ANS.” Great. He didn’t really care, though. We took pictures with the remaining balloons, and he ended up letting the other ones go because he didn’t know what to do with them. He had a school-sponsored after-graduation party to go to, so he left with his friends and the rest of us went to go eat dinner.

Image-1-15On the drive to the restaurant, Erica, Eunice, and I talked about what we would do in precarious situations. We always end up talking about the weirdest things. We went to Dave’s Famous Barbecue and got way too much food. Erica was really happy, though, because the food came with corn muffins, and she loves bread. I mean, she REALLY loves bread. We spent some time eating, and we left a little before 10. I was still eating, but I felt bad so I said we could leave. We didn’t take home any of the leftovers, though. So, when I got home I just ate some ice cream. I don’t know why I was still so hungry, considering I ate Boiling Point and lots of snacks at the arena.

When we got home, I pretty much just went to sleep.


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