Today’s TV
  • American Ninja Warrior 9.2
  • Spartan 2.2

It was my first day of work; I had to wake up before 9 so that I could get to Seattle at 10. I was working at Instacart, a grocery delivery service. Our family friend, Marymar, works there, and she really likes it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I was bored. I sat at Whole Foods and did my homework for a long time before I even got a job to do. Apparently, before you’ve worked a certain amount of hours, the job is really slow. I pretty much spent the whole day alternating between delivering random groceries to houses and sitting around doing homework. I brought dried oranges with me as a snack, so I snacked on those for a while. There was this one delivery, though, where the girl I was delivering to DIDN’T KNOW I WAS COMING. Her friend ordered her a cake and, when I called up to her apartment, she wouldn’t let me in. I tried to tell her multiple times that it was from her friend and she FINALLY came downstairs. Pretty much, it was a mess, but she got a cake!

Closer to the end of my hours, the traffic in Seattle was really bad. Honestly, it made me not want to drive in Seattle ever. It was a mess because there’s a lot of construction going on and SO MANY CARS. I ended work at around 7 and headed home. There wasn’t much traffic going home, which was good considering I was already frustrated by the Seattle traffic.

I got home and ate dinner while talking to my mom. Everyone else had already eaten, so my mom just sat with me while my dad and Erica were doing other things. I talked to her about working and how I was starting to feel sick. After I ate, Erica and I watched TV together while also doing homework. It’s Erica’s last week of school, but she still had presentations to work on. She had a group presentation that no one else was really working on. Listening to her complain about it brought back memories. It’s really funny because, four years ago, I did all the work for the EXACT project she’s working on. My teammates didn’t really do anything; I MADE NOTECARDS FOR ALL OF THEM. I mean, it turned out okay, but I was really annoyed at the time. To be honest, I didn’t work as hard on their notecards because I didn’t really care.

I was stuck on my homework, but I still went to bed pretty early because I felt sick. My body really did not want to stay at a constant temperature, so I just went to bed.


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