06/21/17 – I Felt Like Strawberry Shortcake

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.10, 5.11
  • Masterchef 8.4

I was still a little sick, but I woke up and was excited for the day. I feel like whenever I do something I’m busy all day and, then, there are days where I do literally nothing at all. It was the first day of summer, and I had plans to go strawberry picking with Eunice, Marymar, and the twins.

If this is your first time reading, Eunice is my cousin and we eat together A LOT. And Marymar is a friend who knew me as a baby and her children are 6-year-old twins: Ryan and Rory. I really should just make a chart of all the people I mention in my posts. Anyway, back to the story!

Eunice got to by house at around 10:40, and we left at around 11. I drove us to Marymar’s house which is around 30 minutes away. I was a little salty because the carpool lane was for cars with three or more passengers and I like to break the law as little as possible. Because of traffic, we got there a little bit past 11:30, and they were already waiting for us. We said hi and by to Mikayla, Ryan and Rory’s nanny, and then we were off to the farm!

There’s this perpetual problem that Eunice has whenever she hangs out with Ryan and Rory: they don’t know her name. Her name is Jochelle Eunice, but everyone in our family calls her Eunice. I don’t really know why; we’ve just done it forever. BUT, Marymar calls her Jochelle, so the kids are always confused. Well, we learned today that they do know her name, but they think it’s funny when we think they don’t know it. Kids are weird.

In the car, Eunice played Old Maid with the kids, but I don’t think they actually finished the game. After the game, Rory kept pointing at things outside and telling us the memories she had at the different places. I don’t know how Ryan and Rory remember soIMG_0236.JPG many things; they remember things from when they were three. I was so shook. We got to the farm and started picking strawberries. I LOVE PICKING FRUIT. I felt like Strawberry Shortcake. Does she pick strawberries? I mean, probably, right? Eunice and I were so picky about which berries we wanted; we lagged behind Marymar and Ryan who raced ahead and picked SO MANY strawberries. It was super hot outside, but we still had fun picking strawberries. However, Ryan was not into it after around fifteen minutes. He got bored and just wanted to run around and play. On the other hand, Rory was super serious about which berries she wanted. She asked me like thirty times whether the IMG_0215berry she had just picked was red enough. They definitely both ate more berries than they picked, though.

After we thought we had enough berries and when we were so tired that we had to stop, we paid for our strawberries and headed to the farm’s restaurant. Before we went in,Ryan and Rory had to take pictures in those cardboard cutouts that you stick your face in. There were cardboard cutouts of flowers, strawberries, and even a joker. For some reason, they suddenly LOVE to take pictures. I swear, a few months ago, they hated pictures.

We went inside and tried to decide what we wanted to eat. Eunice and I couldn’t really decide, so we ended up getting two different sandwiches and just splitting them. We got a salsa ranch chicken burger and a steak and cheese sandwich. Marymar and Rory got chicken finger kids meals and Ryan got a cheeseburger. Ryan didn’t eat very much of hisIMG_0216.JPG food, probably because he stuffed himself with strawberries. He was also really fixated on the toy train that was doing laps around the restaurant. Eventually, he and Rory didn’t want to eat anymore, so they went to play on the playground thing that was in the building. Of course, the play thing was shaped like a train. Eunice, Marymar, and I gossiped for a little bit before Rory dragged Eunice away to go play. Marymar and I talked about Instacart, and just generally about life, before Eunice came back and Rory dragged me away. I watched the twins climb on the train for a while. It’s so surprising how they don’t get tired at all. No matter how many times they climbed up the train and jumped off it, it seemed like their energy was never drained.

When they were done playing, we got ice cream. Ryan IMG_0217.JPGgot Maui Wowi, like he usually does, and Rory got chocolate. Eunice and I both got huckleberry and blackberry. Or maybe it was raspberry; I’ve forgotten already. Either way, it was really good. We sat and talked while eating ice cream. Ryan put ice cream on his nose and, then, complained that it was cold. Rory got chocolate ALL OVER HER FACE. We headed back to their house when we were done. Eunice and I were so full; we were pretty quiet on the ride back. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ryan was wide awake and SO ENERGETIC. He didn’t know what to do, so he sang Happy Birthday for like fifteen minutes. He talked the for the entire ride back to their house. Marymar was telling me that the kids never seem to stop and that, even after a full day of jumping and running, they’ll come home and run and jump even more.

We got back to their house and we played with Ryan and Rory for a few hours. We played this game where one of use would hide a box and a ball and everyone else would have to go find it. I feel like it was way more entertaining for them, as 6-year-olds. We got really warm, so we ended up back inside. I was really tired, but Rory wanted me to go upstairs with her. Ryan and Rory then decided that they wanted to do a talent show. I was to hold the curtain up for them and be the host. Their mom and Eunice were the judges. They got shy, though, when we went downstairs, so they just ended up doing silly things as “talents.” They ran around on their horse heads attached to sticks (do those have a name?). They’re ridiculous.

At some point, Eunice and I had to leave because I had to be home for dinner. When we got home, Eunice left and I went inside to join my family at the dinner table. I ate pretty fast because I knew I had to finish my homework. I worked on my homework until around 10 pm when my dad wanted to watch MasterChef. Watching that show always makes me hungry. After watching, I went to my room and went to bed. After a long day, I pretty much just passed out once my head hit the pillow.


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