06/22/17 – Is Clam Chowder a Soup?

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.12
  • Boy Band 1.1
  • The Gong Show 1.1
  • Family Feud

I jolted awake and immediately wanted to go back to bed. My head ached a little as a checked the time. It was almost time for me to leave. I really didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to. You know those headaches I’ve been getting? Well, I was going to go get an MRI of my head to make sure everything’s okay.

My mom drove me to the hospital, and I almost fell asleep on the way there. I have always gotten super tired during car rides, ever since I was a kid. My dad would always make fun of me because I’d almost always take a nap, even if the car ride was only 10 minutes long. My mom and I got to the hospital, and we checked in. I was called in almost immediately after. I was actually pretty shocked at how fast I went in.

I changed into scrubs and was led into the room with the MRI machine. I laid down and they put a cage over my face. I really struggled with staying still because I’m just generally really squirmy. I really wanted to sleep, but I think they wanted me awake. I concentrated on the pop music that they had playing in my ears and tried really hard to move. I also have really restless legs, so it was really uncomfortable trying to keep them still. I guess I could’ve moved them, but I didn’t want to accidentally move my head.

After around 30 minutes of getting pictures taken of my head, it was time for me to go home. I changed back into my regular clothes, and my mom drove me home. When I got home, I worked on homework. I’ve been really behind, because I’m not that great with time management. My mom made bacon and eggs for brunch and we ate together before I went back to doing work.

When Erica came home, she brought Alex and Aaron with her. Also, apparently one of her friends, Khue-tu (AKA Chicken), happened to be walking by our house and came in too. Erica made Red Lobster bread and we all ate it. Aaron is obsessed with Red Lobster bread; I think it was a bad idea for Erica to make it for him. Erica, Aaron, and Chicken played Just Dance and Dance Central while Alex and I talked to my mom. By the time they left, all of the Red Lobster bread was consumed.

They had to leave at around 4 because we had to leave too. First, we went to go visit my mom’s godmother, Susan. We brought her some mangos to eat because she loves fruit. She had back surgery a couple weeks ago, and she’s feeling a lot better. BUT her son made her sleep on the floor when he visited. SHE’S 74!!!! I have no idea why she was the one on the floor. ANYWAY, my family and I were off to Seattle to meet up with some of my mom’s friends from medical school.

We got to Anthony’s in Seattle, and we didn’t know if they were there yet. I don’t know why my parents always pick Anthony’s when they want to eat somewhere fancy. My mom’s friends and their families were already there waiting for us. My dad went to go IMG_0325.JPGcheck in; we had a reservation for FOURTEEN people. My mom’s friends are twins and they both have three kids. Erica and I sat on the end of the table, and our parents sat next to us, so we were all the way across the table from the other kids. I don’t even remember their names (yikes).  Erica and I played Magikarp and Twenty on our phones because we were bored. We also gossiped, but we always gossip. Erica was salty because the waiter only brought one basket of bread for all fourteen of us. When the waiter came back to take our orders, my dad said we were ready, but, other than Erica, my dad, and me, NO ONE WAS READY. I ordered salmon and chips and Erica ordered a bowl of clam chowder. She wasn’t even that hungry; when the food came, she didn’t finish her soup. Is clam chowder a soup? I mean, it is, but it’s weird to type out that clam chowder is a soup. We ate and our parents talked to my mom’s friends. They asked my why I wanted to go to Tufts, and that’s when I had to talk, but other than that, I just eavesdropped. One of the other dads wants to do American Ninja Warrior (LOL). To be honest, I kind of want to too.

After we were done eating, we stood outside the restaurant for a bit because my mom was still talking to her friends. They took a picture outside the restaurant, and my mom IMG_0324was actually the tallest of the three of them. The kids were running around doing parkour; by parkour, I mean jumping on and off benches. Erica and I just kind of stood around because we didn’t know what we were doing next. We weren’t sure if we were still going to hang out with my mom’s friends, or if we were going home. We went home.

Once we were home, we watched this show called Boy Band because it was on TV. It’s a pretty trashy reality TV contest where they’re trying to form a boy band at the end. We decided to get really into the show because we love trashy shows. We missed the first part, but we watched them practice and watched one of the boy bands perform. They weren’t bad, but we were SO SALTY when they sent the best member home because “he should go solo.” I guess it was a compliment, but I’m still salty. I also watched The Gong Show which was funny, but I was also really tired. After the show, I just went upstairs and collapsed.


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