06/23/17 – On Its First Day of Its Life

Today’s TV

  • Orange is the New Black 5.13
  • Family Feud (4 episodes)
  • Emogenius (2 episodes)

I had work in the morning, and it was really boring. I started working for Instacart because Marymar told me it was fun and I like shopping and bagging bags, but it’s SO SLOW. I worked for 3 hours and barely did anything. It’s starting to feel like a waste of time, honestly, because I have to drive to Seattle to even be able to work. Well, I have to be a little closer to Seattle than where I live, which is inconvenient.

After working, I drove home and opened the door to an empty house. My dad was picking up Erica from her last day of school. Well, technically, her last day’s supposed to be Monday, but she has biotech camp that day. I rested for a bit at home because, for some reason, I was tired. When my dad came home, he said he was ready to go. We had to go pick up his new Tesla from the detailing shop. Erica stayed home because she didn’t want to go. I was a little salty, though, because that meant no carpool lane for me.

My dad drove us to the detailing shop where John, the owner, showed us the shiny Tesla with its new tinted front windows. It was super hot outside, so I was ready to jump back into my air-conditioned car. But first, we went into the office so my dad could review what they did to the Tesla and so I could get the badges that they scarped off of the car. Okay, that sounds bad, but they had to take the old badges off of the car so that they could wrap it. SO, I asked to keep the badges and, now, I have tiny metal letters that spell out Model X somewhere in my room.

I drove home and there was traffic. I wasn’t that happy about that, but I just wanted to go home. I had a headache that wouldn’t go away, and I just wanted to rest. By the way, my brain is normal! Nothing came up in the MRI results. YAY. I got home and watched the game show network until my dad came home.

When my dad came home, we played with the Tesla and tried to figure out how to get it in the garage. We moved stuff around in our very full garage to try to get the Tesla to fit. At first, we got it to fit, but then my dad COULDN’T GET OUT. So, he pulled the car out of IMG_0251the garage, and we tried to move more stuff to make more space. He still couldn’t get out. We tried to fit the Tesla in the other garage, which seemed like a fine idea. BUT THEN, my dad hit the accelerator instead of the break on the Tesla and HIT A BOOKSHELF in our garage. Because of that accident, the plastic wrap ripped and there was a little chip on the side mirror. That was a MESS. We ended up just putting the Tesla in the garage that we originally planned for it to go in, but my dad has to park closer to the right side of the garage every time so that he can get out. After we sorted out the garage situation and after my dad waxed the scratch a little more, Erica and I took the car for a drive in our neighborhood with Chicken’s dad sitting in the back. He just kind of showed up at our house because he was passing by and stopped because he saw the car. I wish we could take the car outside of the neighborhood, but I don’t think our dad would let us.

I drove first, and it was weird. Because the car’s electric, when you take your foot off of the accelerator, it slows down almost immediately. Chicken’s dad was commenting on IMG_0252-2.JPGeverything Tesla-related while we drove around. I eventually took us back to my house because we had to drop off Chicken’s dad if Erica wanted to drive because Erica’s not really supposed to drive with him in the car (it’s ILLEGAL). Erica drove and it was weird being in the passenger’s seat because I’m always driving. She drove us down the hill to Ella’s house. Ella is her best friend and her dad also has a Tesla; he’s actually the one that told my dad to get one.

Ella’s brother was super excited to see our car and even wanted his dad to pull out their car so that he could compare the two. We talked about the car for a bit until Ella and Patrick had to go back inside to pack. They’re going to DISNEYLAND. I drove us back to the house and Chicken’s dad was STILL THERE. He and my dad were talking for so long. Even after Erica and I had gone inside and started doing things, they continued to talk. Even after my mom came home, they still were talking.

When my mom came home, she prepared dinner and was salty that my dad hadn’t already done it. We ate together, but then my mom and dad disappeared to do their own things while Erica and I watched TV. I feel like that’s kind of always how it is.


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