06/24/17 – PRIDE

Today’s TV

  • Say Yes to the Dress (2 episodes)
  • Riverdale 1.11

Erica and I had an uneventful morning as we waited for Eunice and Jasper to show up to our house. We’d been planning our trip to Seattle for weeks and we were so ready to go to Pridefest. We were originally going to go to the parade, but I had to volunteer on Sunday, so we just went to the festival. At around 10, Eunice and Jasper got to our house, and we were ready to leave.

I did all the research beforehand about which bus to take and how much money it’d cost. So, when my parents dropped us off at the park and ride, we pretty much got on the bus right away. I didn’t plan on that (LOL); we just happened to be on time. We were on the bus for a little less than an hour before we got off in Seattle. Then, we had to take the light rail to Capitol Hill where the festival was.

We got there a little early, but everything was pretty much set up. We walked around and went to so many of the booths. Eunice and I bought a pride flag that we now share custody over. She also bought a boa. Pretty much right after we bought the flag, Erica took some pictures with it. We kept walking around, and we got so many stickers and pins;I LOVE stickers. Erica and I also spun a ton of wheels that those booths have when they only want to give people one item each. Everything was rainbow-themed and everyone was so happy. We just kept walking around and talking to people at booths. We were also trying to decide what we wanted to spend our money on. We walked all the way to the end of the festival before turning around.

The sun was at its peak, and it was HOT. We were starting to get tired and hungry, so we stopped at Pagliacci Pizza to eat. We all got a slice of pizza each and sat down to eat in the cool restaurant. After we started eating, I realized it probably would’ve been a better deal for us all to split a whole pizza, but it’s okay. We sat there for a little while because we just wanted to rest. We also all went to the bathroom so that we wouldn’t have to go later.

We walked out of the restaurant and were immediately hit by the heat. We continued to walk around and we won a couple free coupons for a photo booth. We went and took Image-1-20.jpgpictures together in this old photo booth that took like four minutes to take the pictures. It was funny, because for Eunice’s photo strip, Erica, Jasper, and I cycled through the photo booth taking pictures with her. After that, we went to Menchie’s! I feel like I always get the same thing there: cake batter and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and mochi. After buying our ice cream, we went back outside to keep walking around. It was nice to eat cold ice cream while it was so hot outside. We saw a rainbow arch and decided to take a picture. Now that I’m looking at it, it’s bothering me that there are two yellow sections of the arch, but the picture’s still cute. We went back to the first booth that we went to to buy tank tops before heading towards the family IMG_0316.JPGpride festival. We wanted to watch dogs dressed in drag, but we were a little early. So, Jasper and I sat while Eunice and Erica went to go take pictures with the flag. When they were done, I was done resting in the shade and was ready to take a picture too. I took that picture on the left because of course I’m doing a handstand. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret; that picture is super edited. Can you tell what parts I edited? Hopefully not (LOL). After we were done taking pictures, we got shaved ice because it was so hot outside. How many times can I say it’s hot outside? Anyway, we headed towards the family pride festival and we looked at all the booths there. Soon, the doggy drag competition started. The dogs were SO CUTE, but we were roasting in the sun. After watching for a bit, we got really hot and moved to the shade.

At that point, the sun had drained us of our energy and we were ready to go home. We got back on the bus and before going to the second bus stop, we stopped at Starbucks.  Eunice and Jasper got green tea lattes, which are pretty much milk with matcha powder, and Erica and I got black tea lemonades. We got on the second bus and looked at the pictures we took while drinking our Starbucks. Because we were editing our pictures, the bus ride seemed way shorter.

When we got back to the park and ride, my parents were there waiting for us in the Tesla. I was so tired on the ride home; I was pretty much in and out of consciousness. We got home pretty quickly and said goodbye to Eunice and Jasper because they had to go home. And once we went inside, we collapsed. We were just so tired. I played on my phone and watched TV for pretty much the rest of the day.


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