Today’s TV

  • Celebrity Family Feud 3.3
  • Steve Harvey’s Funderdome 1.3

Even though church started at 9, I woke up at around 8 so that I could go check on my neighbor’s cat, Sydney. They’re on vacation for a week, so I got to take care of her. When Erica and I got to our neighbor’s house, Sydney was sitting on one of the beds and didn’t want to move. I pet her for a little bit, and she was SO SOFT.

I went to church and helped my mom watch some children again. She let them go outside to the playground, and they played freeze tag with my dad. Of course, there was that one kid who always called time-out whenever they were about to get tagged. My mom and I just sat and watched them until they tired themselves out. Most of the kids went inside with my mom and my dad, but I stayed outside to watch Bri and Abby because they didn’t want to go inside. I helped Bri with her back walkover on the playground beam, but Abby felt left out, so she went and sulked. I left them alone to play for a bit before we had to go back inside.

After church, we headed back home and cleaned the house. Erica had a birthday/going away party for her friend Cece at noon, so my parents bought two Costco pizzas. When people started arriving, I immediately started eating. I don’t know why, but I was really craving pizza. Erica also made Red Lobster bread; Aaron came to the party, so of course he ate like three pieces of bread.

At around 1:30, I had to leave to go to orientation at the animal shelter. I’m going to start volunteering there and I had to go to a two and a half hour training session. When I got there, it was really hot. I had to sit in a room and listen to a lady talk about rules and responsibilities while volunteering. I understand why the training’s important, but A LOT of the information was repeated at least twice making her speech so, so long. I was tired by the end of it, and I still had to drive home. Before I left, I bought Erica and I volunteer t-shirts.

I got home at around 5, and the house was empty. Erica and my mom were on their way home from her last violin group lesson, and I don’t remember what my dad was doing. A little after Erica came home, Alex and Aaron came over because Alex bought me IKEA MEATBALLS. I hadn’t had IKEA meatballs in years.

When the came over, Aaron took the rest of the Red Lobster bread, and none of us were surprised. We showed them the Tesla, and took a short drive around the neighborhood. My dad also tested the Tesla’s ability to move back and forth by itself while Erica and I were sitting in it. When we were done playing with the Tesla, Alex and Aaron left because they had to buy their parents Chipotle.

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched TV together. Well, Erica and I watched TV together.


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