Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right
  • Family Feud
  • America’s Got Talent 12.5
  • World of Dance 1.5

I was so tired. I’m starting to sound like a broken record; I’m always tired. I went downstairs to watch some TV and do my homework. I’m always behind on homework, even though I’m just taking one summer class.

At around noon, Eunice came over; we were going to carpool to lunch with our other cousin, Nicole. We sat and talked for a bit because we weren’t supposed to be at the restaurant until 1. We left at around 12:30 and drove to Chick 5.

Eunice and I had been to Chick 5 before and we were craving their fried chicken. We got there and Nicole and her boyfriend, Coby, were already there. We went inside and ordered pretty much right away. Eunice and I split a whole fried chicken and got waffles while Nicole and Coby split half a fried chicken (weak). We sat and talked for a while before the food was ready. We hadn’t seen Nicole in a while, so she told us about her trip to Disneyland and what she’s been up to. I don’t know why I was so hungry or how I ate so much, but I ate HALF A FRIED CHICKEN and a waffle and was still hungry, so I ate Eunice’s leftovers. I feel like I should’ve recorded myself because I feel like no one will believe that I ate that much. Eunice and I also split and cookies and cream oil bun ice cream sandwich. Somehow, I still wasn’t completely full.

Eunice had to be home to take her mom to the doctor’s office, so we headed home right after we finished eating. I drove us back to my house where Eunice parked her car. She left, and I went inside to rest. I’ve been playing this game called Twenty on my phone, and I got really distracted for a while. After I was done playing, I headed to my neighbor’s house to check on Sydney.

I hung out with Sydney for around an hour. Surprisingly, that’s all the time she wanted to spend outside. I just sat, watched her, and petted her when she let me. It’s really relaxing to have a cat. My dad doesn’t like pets, so I’ve never ACTUALLY had a cat and, to be honest, that makes me really sad. At around 5:30, I went to my Olivia’s house to get a little briefing from her mom. It’s funny because, right after I finish cat-sitting, I start watering Olivia’s mom’s flowers while Olivia’s parents are in Arizona. There wasn’t much explaining for her to do, so I wasn’t there for very long. After, I went home to rest more. I feel like I do so much resting, but I’m still so tired. I didn’t even do anything for the rest of the day, even though I should’ve been productive. Why am I so tired???



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