Today’s TV

  • Hollywood Game Night 5.1
  • Idiotest

I woke up pretty early, again, to take Erica to biotech camp. First, we checked on our neighbor’s cat, Sydney. I always feel bad because Sydney wants to go outside every morning, but I can never stay long enough to let her. Honestly, she’d probably stay outside all day if I let her out.

Erica and I were early to her camp, so we stopped by Starbucks. We struggled to find the entrance of the small Starbucks, but not after we struggled to get around the drive-thru IMG_0613.JPGline full of impatient middle-aged women. We went inside and ordered mango pineapple frappuccinos. Erica ordered hers without pineapple, though, because she’s never really liked pineapple. I really liked it, even though it doesn’t have any coffee in it. Erica said that the drink tasted like the unicorn frappuccino, but I never tried it, so I don’t know whether she’s right.

After I dropped Erica off, I started working for Instacart. I got this huge delivery order that I was really salty about. You see, delivery orders mean that one person shops for the items, and another person delivers the order. WELL, whoever shopped for the items said that there were three bags to deliver, but what they failed to mention is that one “bag” was A WHOLE CART FULL OF MILK. Thank you, random shopper, for LYING. I took the milk to this coffee shop down the road, and they had this IMG_0612.JPGHORRIBLE, tiny parking lot. Also, none of the workers helped me bring in the gallons of milk and bags full of creamer that they ordered. I understand that it’s my job to deliver whatever they bought, but they could’ve, at least, helped bring in one gallon of milk. Also, they didn’t tip, which is a little rude of them. Okay, it’s pretty rude considering there were FOURTEEN gallons of milk. YES, I COUNTED.

I delivered another order, then went to Safeway to scan items for Instacart. I got a parking pass from the Safeway manager, so not parking ticket for me things time. Scanning items is so much more relaxing that delivering groceries. I spent a few hours there scanning items. It was pretty good, but I got assigned the freezer section at the end, and my hands were SO COLD. I felt like I didn’t want to eat ice cream for a while. I stopped scanning to pick up my sister from camp, but there was traffic on the way there, so I was a little late.

While I was driving, my hands were so, so cold. When I got to the community college, where Erica’s camp was, my hands were still cold. Even though it was around 78 degrees outside, my hands stayed cold for most of the ride home. I drove us home, even though I was really tired. When we got back to our neighborhood, we checked on Sydney again. We gave her food and I cleaned up the food that she threw up. She’d been stress-eating her dry food, and I knew she was going to throw it up eventually. I started giving her less dry food, so she’d eat her wet food and throw up less. The poor cat was so lonely, but I felt bad for sitting in our neighbors house for too long.

Erica and I got home and watched TV for a little bit before our mom came home. It’s my mom’s birthday, so we went out to eat at a restaurant that she picked. Its called Azul and they had really good chips and salsa. Erica and I ordered fajitas, my dad ordered a pork chop, and my mom ordered tacos. I don’t know why, but I actually wasn’t that hungry. Even though I hadn’t really eaten anything all day, it was a struggle for me to eat even a normal amount of food. We are and talked for a couple hours before we were tired of the loud restaurant and wanted to go home. My dad wanted to take a selfie outside the restaurant; I don’t know why he’s so into selfies. Also, Erica’s neck looks really long in the picture. I just wanted to point that out.

Once we got home, we were all so tired and so full. I did some homework, but I was so full. We all went to bed earlier than usual, except maybe Erica; she always goes to bed at 10.


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