06/29/17 – Should I Be Honored?

Today’s TV

  • Team Ninja Warrior 9.5
  • Boyband 1.2
  • Battle of the Network Stars 1.1

The first thing I did in the morning was change and go over to my neighbor’s house to check on Sydney. I had time, so I let her outside and did some homework while watching her. She was walking around like normal, but she seemed a little more alert than usual. I wasn’t really sure why.

I was working on my laptop when Sydney ran inside the house. It hadn’t really been that long since she’d gone outside, so I was really confused. I followed her inside, and she was holding a mouse in her mouth. She dropped it in front of me, but then took it back to Image-1-12.jpgplay with it. Should I be honored that she brought me a mouse? I’m not sure, but I sat in the living room and watched Sydney go crazy over that mouse for a while. I tried to distract her with food, but she wouldn’t give it up. Eventually, she sat a little further away from it and groomed herself, but she still didn’t want me picking up the mouse. She also sat with her leg behind her head for a few minutes; I don’t really know why.

I left Sydney and her mouse so that I could go to lunch with my mom and dad. For some reason, they really wanted to go to Arby’s. I think it’s just because they had coupons because we rarely eat there. First, we stopped at Target. We’re about to have visitors over and my mom wanted to buy towels for them. I thought that was weird because, before buying new towels for college, I don’t even remember buying new towels. Of course, after stepping into Target, we could distracted and my mom tried on swimsuits. She got a swimsuit that IMG_0342.JPGwas definitely a 4th of July swimsuit. When she was done, we headed to the towel section where my dad met us. He had gone to the grocery section to get soda that was on sale. Again, my family loves sales and savings. My mom spent a while trying to decide what color towels we should get. We ended up getting yellow and gray towels; I wasn’t too happy about it, but my parents picked them.

We checked out and headed to Arby’s. I don’t remember the last time I ate at Arby’s; it was probably a really long time ago. I got chicken tenders while my parents got sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and fries. I ate almost all of the mozzarella sticks. They were actually really good. I also got a Ghirardelli IMG_0343.JPGchocolate shake which was really, really rich. I took a while to eat, so we were there for a good amount of time.

We had one more errand after eating lunch. We went to the bank because I had some cash to deposit. Of course, I forgot my debit card, so we had to deposit the cash into my dad’s account. My mom struggled to figure out the Tesla while we were making the deposit. She texted us because she was confused about whether the car was on or not. After depositing the money, my dad drove us home.

When we got home, my dad transferred the money I deposited into my account and my mom went to go pick up Erica. I did more homework before heading back to my neighbor’s house to feed Sydney and get rid of the dead mouse. Luckily, Sydney had left the mouse and was distracted by her dry food. I scooped up the mouse and threw it into the trash can. It was actually kind of sad because it was a baby mouse.

I went back home and had dinner with my family before watching TV with Erica. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been following the trashiest show: Boy Band. In this week’s episode, the whole episode was dedicated to one boy band. They spend a lot of time on their backstories, which I guess makes sense because they want us to get attached to the people on the show. Honestly, the show is a bit of a mess because the bands are so pitchy at the beginning of the episode, but then sound really good at the end. I mean, I guess that’s good that they improved, but I really don’t need to hear really flat notes in my living room.



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