06/30/17 – WONDER WOMAN

Today’s TV (well, today’s movie)

  • Wonder Woman

I woke up at around 9 and immediately got ready to go to the animal shelter. I was about to be trained to interact with cats and help them find homes. Because I love cats so much, I was super excited. I even had Erica check on our neighbor’s cat for me so that the cats at the shelter didn’t smell Sydney’s scent on me.

When I got there, I had to go through the back door. Waiting for me was Leonard: a retired man who’d been volunteering at the shelter for a long time. He took me on a tour of the animal shelter, and we went through a checklist of things that I’d have to do. Closer to the end of the training, I got to play with cats. Since I get there before the shelter opens, a lot of the job is playing with cats. YAY. When I was done at the animal shelter, I headed home.

I passed by a couple of Starbucks on the way home and decided not to get anything. That was a mistake because, once I got home, my dad wanted to leave right away to pick up the Tesla from the detailing shop. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I spent most of the long, traffic-filled ride thinking about food. We also had another problem: Erica had an open house at 2. We left the house to pick up the Tesla a little after 1. Pretty much, my dad thought it was more important to go pick up the Tesla.

I sped over to Erica’s open house after dropping my dad off at the detailing shop. Even after speeding, I was still around 30 minutes late. It was a good thing that Erica was presenting in the second half; otherwise, my mom would’ve killed my dad and me. Erica’s been going to a biotech camp all week, so the open house was for the students to showcase what the learned. Erica wanted me to grill all of her friends because I’ve worked in biotech before, but I felt bad because another mom was grilling them already.

My dad showed up just when Erica’s section was setting up. We listened to Erica talk for a bit about cloning RFP genes before going around the room to go listen to other kids. IMG_0371.JPGI also asked Erica really ridiculous questions, so that was fun. We also went on a lab tour where I made Erica explain different things to me. I have videos of her teaching me how to use a micropipette, a vortex, and a centrifuge. I mostly recorded them because I thought it was funny, but my mom really liked them, so I guess that’s a plus. After the lab tour, we went back to the main room where we watched a slideshow with pictures of the students. They also had a graduation-type ceremony, which I thought was weird because it’s camp.

Anyway, we headed home after the open house, but not before stopping at our neighbor’s house to check on Sydney. She was in a really weird mood. She didn’t really want to eat anything or pay attention to us, so we kind of just left Image-1-13.jpgher alone. Sydney probably just missed her family. She kept looking out the window wistfully like the “when will my husband return from war” dog. I feel like I use that reference a lot, but it gets the point across.

When we got home, I worked on homework until my mom came home. We ate dinner together and tried to decide which showing of Wonder Woman to go to. Since Erica goes to bed at 10 pm every night, we were skeptical about going to the 9:55 pm showing of Wonder Woman, but we went anyway. We got a large popcorn and an ICEE, like we usually do. Also, my mom said she didn’t want any, like she usually does. But, before the movie even starts, she and my dad are munching away at the popcorn. They ate a quarter of the bucket before giving it back to us. Why didn’t she just tell us she wanted some??? There were some really annoying ladies in the movie theater; they were having a mom’s night out and were really loud during the previews. It’s a good thing they were quiet during the movie because I probably would’ve thrown popcorn at them.

The movie was pretty good. I thought some of it was really slow, but maybe that’s just because I was tired. By the time the movie was over, it was past midnight and we were all eager to get home and sleep.


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