07/02/17 – She Fell in the River

Today’s TV
  • Arrow 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

It was around 9:30 in the morning. We’d been up for an hour and were heading to Seattle to pick up my mom’s friends. On the car ride there, I watched Arrow on my phone. DON’T WORRY, I wasn’t streaming; I pre-downloaded 5 episodes on Netflix. No data loss there.

When we got to the hotel, Eunice and I piled into the back of the Tesla so that my mom’s friend and his son could sit in the middle row. We had a long ride ahead of us, so I just kept watching Arrow. The drive was one and a half hours from Seattle, but after thirty minutes, I was so car sick. I don’t really know what I expected, since I ALWAYS get car sick. I couldn’t really do anything else, so I just went to sleep.

An hour later, we were near Mt. Rainier. We actually planned to go up a nearby mountain to take pictures. We took a quick bathroom break before going to the cafe to eat. Eunice, Erica, and I shared two sandwiches because we weren’t really that hungry. I didn’t even finish the two halves that they tried to get me to eat. We sat with my mom’s friends kids because all of our parents decided that they needed to sit in the shade. They moved the tables out of the sun and into the shade. After we finished eating, we wanted ice cream. So, we ordered come, BUT no one else really wanted to wait for us, so they got in line for the gondola lift. I don’t really know what they were thinking because we got out ice cream around 2 minutes after they got in line. They were still pretty close to the end of the line by the time we walked over to them. They’re just impatient.

I got into the gondola lift with Eunice, Erica, my parents, and one of my mom’s friends. There were a total of twelve people in our group, but only six people comfortably fit in it. I say comfortably because my dad suggested that we should jam eight people into one, but that really wouldn’t make sense since there were twelve of us. ANYWAY, we got to the top after a few minutes of riding.

At the top of Crystal Mountain, we top A LOT of pictures. Well, everyone was taking so many pictures because Mt. Rainier was so close to where we were, and it was really pretty. Eunice, Erica, and I took so many pictures because we’re extra and we’re probably not going to go back there for a while. When we were all done taking pictures, my mom suggested that we go on a ‘light’ hike. But, the hike was anything but light.

Everyone else decided to ignore the sign that said, ‘easier path’ and we took another path. A few people in our group just decided to take the lift down. I mean, they didn’t Image-1-20.jpgsuffer through the hike down the mountain, BUT they did have to wait for us. We started the hike at around 2 pm. I was not very happy because I was at the back of the pack, and we were SO SLOW. My mom quickly fell behind, but my dad stayed behind with her. We walked really slowly down the sandy path for around 20 minutes. We kept stopping to rest because we had to wait for my mom to catch up. At some point, I wanted to take a shortcut, so Eunice and Daniel, my mom’s friend’s son, followed me. Erica followed next, but maybe she shouldn’t have. The shortcut was grassy and had a slightly sharper decline than the regular path. Because of the decline, you kind of had to run or jump down the path. Erica started running down the path, and COULDN’T STOP. Eunice kept yelling at her to sit down for some reason, so eventually Erica sat down and scraped her knee. So, that was a mess, but what’s even worse is that we tried to get her to meet us further down the path, but she ended up CLIMBING BACK UP to the original path. The good thing, though, Image-1-18.jpgis that we would go faster than our parents since we were in front of them.

A little while after than, we got to a little river. The problem is, there was ice frozen over it. Eunice, Daniel, and I made it over the bridge just fine, but, of course, Erica had a problem. She just happened to step on a loose piece of ice, and she fell in the river. Because of the ice, she didn’t go anywhere, so that’s good. She’s so clumsy, I don’t understand.

After a little bit of panicking about whether Erica’s phone was broken, we came across another family hiking UP the mountain. We asked them how long they had been hiking, and they they said TWO AND A HALF HOURS. We knew that the hike was supposed to be at least two hours, but we were so shook. We hoped that it only took them so long because they were going uphill. We just walked and walked until we came across another river. At this point, Eunice, Erica, and I had lost everyone else. I crossed the river by walking across a log, but neither of them wanted to do it. So, they ended up taking their shoes off and walking through the cold water. They took a while to do that, so Daniel ended up catching up to us. As we were walking away from the river, my dad caught up to us. But, he decided to wait for my mom and everyone else.

We kept walking down the mountain, and Erica kept complaining about how she wanted a snack. The problem was: my mom had the snacks, and she was an hour behind us. We kept walking and joking about how we should just roll down the mountain. It really wasn’t that exciting;. The path was really bumpy and hilly, which was really annoying. Closer to the end of the hike, Daniel and I took a shortcut. It was a little bit of a struggle because it was steep, but we made it down. I had to hold his backpack, though, because he BROUGHT HIS LAPTOP. Eunice and Erica went the longer way around, but it wasn’t that much longer.

At the bottom of the mountain, I checked the time. It was a little bit before 4 pm, and we finished the hike in less than two hours. We went back to the cafe and bought sodas. Erica got an Italian soda while Eunice got Sprite and I got root beer. We sat in the shade and did our own things because we were SO tired. Around thirty minutes later, Daniel’s mom and sister made it down. His mom, Malou, forced him to show us magic tricks that he’s been learning from watching YouTube videos. And thirty MORE minutes later, my parents and Daniel’s dad FINALLY made it down. We let them rest for a bit before getting into the car to go eat.

After the one and a half hour drive to Seattle, we arrived in Chinatown. We ate at a restaurant that we always eat at, but it was actually Image-1-19.jpgpretty busy. We sat and waited for a while before even being seated. Once we were seated, out parents decided what to order while Eunice, Erica, and I just talked. We ate A LOT of food. Eunice even ordered food to bring home to her dad. It was weird trying to eat with my mom’s friends because literally no one wanted the first or last bite of a dish. So, I just ended up eating the first and last bites if no one wanted to. I was so full by the end of dinner, but when they brought out the mango pudding, I ate so much of it. The mango pudding came with the dinner, but NO ONE WANTED TO EAT IT. So, Eunice, Erica, and I pretty much ate all of it.

After dinner, we dropped my mom’s friends off at their hotel and headed home. We hot home pretty late, and we were all SO TIRED. Eunice went home, and the rest of us went inside and collapsed on our beds.




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