07/03/17 – Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Today’s TV

  • Hollywood Game Night 5.2
  • American Ninja Warrior 9.4
  • Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge 2.4
  • Arrow 1.5, 1.6

I woke up and I was fairly sore from the hike the day before. I stretched before making my way downstairs. Erica and I ate breakfast before heading out to go to Safeway.

I was hired to scan items at Safeway for Instacart and Erica tagged along with my today, since she had nothing else to do. We were there for a few hours scanning items. I pretty much sang “Work” by Fifth Harmony in my head the entire time to tune out the annoying in-store audio that Safeway has. So, as my hands froze while scanning ice cream, my brain just continuously repeated, “work, work, work, work, work, work, work.” I guess it helped distract me from the fact that my hands were freezing off, so that’s good.

We were there for a few hours before our feet started to hurt. They were already sore from the hike yesterday, so we decided to head home. Before we left Safeway, we bought around 5 pounds of cherries and a package sugar cookies. The cherries were on sale for $2.99 per pound, but we were really scared when the self-checkout machine told us the cherries were $40. Apparently, the cherries were $7.99 a pound before the sale and Safeway machines don’t show the sale price until later in the transaction. Our 21-pack of cookies was also supposed to be $7.99, but we got them for 99 cents. I was scared they were expired of something, but they were completely fine.

Our stomachs were empty by the time we left Safeway, so we stopped by a nearby McDonald’s. We ordered 20 chicken nuggets and fries; I also got a frozen strawberry lemonade. Erica didn’t get a drink because she got a S’mores frappuccino from the Safeway Starbucks (classic). I drove us home, and Erica fed me fries along the way.

Once we got home, we didn’t really do anything. I mean, we finished our food, but other than that we just watched TV. At some point, I realized I still had some homework left and frantically tried to finish. When my mom got home, we wanted to start our new workout. I found a Spartan workout online that’s a couch to sprint workout, so we were going to try to do that. My mom complained that her legs were sore from the hike, but all of us were sore, so that wasn’t a good enough excuse. We pretty much just walked and jogged around the neighborhood and to the church and back. I thought it was fun; I don’t think Erica or my mom thought it was fun, though. We ate dinner, while still sweating, before I watched TV. I pretty much end every day with watching TV or writing a blog post that I should’ve posted a week ago, so I’ve run out of ways to seem interesting.


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