07/04/17 – Seems a Little Dangerous, but Okay

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

We all woke up fairly early, considering it was a holiday, and we made our plans for the day. We planned to go to Bainbridge Island to go to a street fair for the 4th of July. My mom wanted to go with one of her friends whose daughter is also my friend.

We piled into the car and drove to our friend’s house. There wasn’t that much traffic, so we got there pretty quick. We didn’t even go in their house; we just had them pile into the car with us. My mom insisted on sitting in the back with her friend, Glenda, but I felt a little bad because the back of the Tesla is tight and Glenda is pretty tall. Well, she’s an average height, but the rest of us are short, so I felt bad that my mom had her sit in the back.

We drove to Seattle and parked in this sketchy parking garage. All the doors leading into Image-1 (4).jpgthe parking garage were locked, so we could only get back to our car through the entrance that the cars go into. I guess that meant our car was safe, but it was a little inconvenient. We walked to the ferry and bought tickets. My dad didn’t want to take the Tesla onto the ferry, so we just rode as walk-on passengers. My dad bought me a youth ticket because the lady at the counter thought I was younger than I am. Anything for a discount, right? Okay, we only really saved a few dollars, but saving money is important.

After we bought the tickets, we boarded the ferry because we had pretty good timing. There were SO MANY DOGS boarding the boat, and they were all so cute. After shuffling slowly with the crowd for a while, we finally were on the boat. We sat in a booth and ate some chips that my mom brought. I also drank a lot of water because it was already warm. I was so glad that I brought a water bottle. The ferry ride was a little over thirty minutes and Erica and I just watched saved Netflix shows on our phones. Our friend, Danica, just rested, and our parents chatted away.

As soon as we docked on Bainbridge Island, we started walking towards the main street where the festival was. There were already a lot of people, and we didn’t really know what to eat or do. The parade wasn’t going to start for another hour or so; so, we just walked around. We started at one end of the booths and made our way to the other end. There were so many political booths that were endorsing candidates for mayor and other positions, and we didn’t really pay any attention to those. There was also a Republican women tent that had like three people under it. I kind of felt bad for them, but at the same time, I really didn’t.

We browsed items at different booths for a while. Erica and I spun those wheels that booths have to get free stuff. I got free sunscreen and she got a free bag. Eventually, we got in line to buy pizza. For some reason, Erica, Danica, and I were all craving pizza. After getting the pizza, I bought some cold brew coffee that was really good. We just sat and ate while our moms kept browsing and our dads kept chatting. Erica, Danica, and I ate and watched dogs. There was a cute corgi that I tried to get a picture of, but there were always people in the shot.

A little after we ate, we went to go watch the parade. It was so hot outside because the sun was right above our heads and there was no breeze, so my mom bought lemonade before we sat down. We sat and watched the parade Image-1 (2).jpgfor a bit, before we got bored. My dad always caught the attention of the people in the parade that gave out candy. He gave us all the candy anyway, so I don’t know why we did it. When we got bored, we started walking away from the parade, but we got to a slightly shadier spot and stopped to keep watching the parade. There were a lot of random organizations in the parade. There were teenagers dressed as pizza and as cupcakes; there was just a lot going on. We got free stuff, though. People in the parade gave us water bottles and sunscreen. It was really ironic because we got plastic water bottles from a company that’s trying to help the environment. Once we were bored, we took a pit stop to the bathroom, and it’s a good thing we went when we did because there was a HUGE line a little after. We walked to the waterfront where we rested for a bit. Danica’s parents went on a little extra walk, and we just sat down because we were hot and tired.

When they came back, we went back to the main street to look at the rest of the shops. I was really warm, so I bought soda from a company called Soda Jerk. The soda was lavender lemonade flavored and it was pretty good. We finished looking at all the tents, so we headed back to the ferry.

We had to wait a bit to board the ferry, and it was hot. I distracted myself with watching Arrow, but I was still sweating a lot. Eventually we boarded, and we sat in another booth. I was super drained because it was hot, so it was a struggle to stay awake on the ride back. Danica took a nap, and Erica watched Legends of Tomorrow. Our parents just kept on talking. When we got back to Seattle, we walked back to the parking garage and struggled to get in. We definitely walked around the building when we didn’t need to, but when we got into the Tesla, walking a little extra didn’t matter because the air conditioning was so nice.

As my dad was driving us to out friend’s house, I tried to watch TV, but I was spacing out a lot. I don’t know why I was so tired, considering we didn’t really do much. We dropped our friends off at their house and headed home. Once at home, I just kept watching TV. It was getting closer to dinnertime, but none of us were hungry. We didn’t even really do anything for the rest of the day because all of us were tired. Erica and I watched TV downstairs until we watched the Macy’s fireworks on TV. Well, we also watched the performances, but they weren’t that entertaining because there were a lot of commercials. Our parents didn’t even come downstairs to watch TV with us. BUT, at some point, people were setting off fireworks pretty close to our house, which is ILLEGAL. It was really loud and annoying. I mean, I like fireworks, but I don’t understand people’s fascination with lighting them in their backyards. Seems a little dangerous, but okay.


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