07/06/17 – Oh, It’s Really Easy…Make a U-Turn.

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 2.1
  • Idiotest
  • The Chase
  • Boyband 1.3
  • Battle of the Network Stars 1.2

We’ve been wanting to go see the Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, so we were planning to go. We left at around 9 am to pick up everyone that was going with us. Eunice was going to come with us, but she had a last minute emergency, so she couldn’t. Erica’s best friend, Ella, was going with us and so were Mae and Bri – the kids from church. My mom agreed to watch them for the day to give their parents a break.

We picked up Ella a street away from our house and headed to Mae and Bri’s dad’s apartment. It was really funny because, after we picked them up, my mom asked their dad how to get out of the apartment complex and to the freeway because she didn’t want to do a U-turn, which I suggested. He replied with, “Oh, it’s really easy. You just turn right, then, at the light, make a U-turn.” Erica and I couldn’t stop laughing.

The car ride to Seattle was pretty uneventful. My mom was driving, and the rest of us just sat around. Mae and Bri were still pretty tired, since they just woke up. When we got to Seattle, my mom parked in a parking lot near the Seattle Art Museum. The problem was: she had pre-paid for a parking space in a DIFFERENT parking lot. She said it was find, so we walked to the art museum.

When we got there, the line was SO LONG because it was the first Thursday of the month
and the price was half off for the exhibit. My mom ended up going back to move the car Image-1-21.jpgwhile we waited in line. We got tired of waiting and Mae and Bri didn’t even really care about the Infinity Mirrors exhibit, so we just went upstairs to go see the art for FREE. We walked around for a little bit; Mae went through all the art really fast while Bri went through the art really slow. Bri even sat and watched a video for like 15 minutes. My mom came back, and I met her at the entrance. We walked up to meet everyone else, and we looked at more art.

We were starting to get a little hungry, so, once we left the museum,we tried to decide what to eat. Bri and Mae really, REALLY wanted to eat Subway, but there wasn’t one close to us. We wanted to go eat pizza, but we weren’t sure if Mae and Bri would like it because they don’t like cheese. We went to Post Alley Pizza because it was on the way to the ferris wheel by the water. It probably would’ve been a better deal to Image-1-22.jpgget a whole pizza, but we all got individual slices. The slices were actually so huge, so I was pretty full when I finished eating. My mom also took some pictures of Bri and Mae trying to eat the huge pizza slices.

When we were done, we walked towards the water. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do next, so we just walked for a little bit. We tried to decide whether or not to go on the ferris wheel. Bri and Mae wanted to go get ice cream, even though they just ate, but we didn’t want them to get stomach aches, so we just kept walking. It was pretty windy, since we were by the ocean, and Bri got really cold. We walked right next to me the entire time because she was cold.

At some point, we decided to go on the Seattle Great Wheel. We didn’t go on it earlier because Mae couldn’t IMG_0622.JPGdecide whether she wanted to go. We bought our tickets and the people who worked there took out picture in front of a green screen. Then, we stood in line and took a few pictures of our own because we were bored. That’s also when Mae and Bri started to sing The Duck Song. It was a good thing the line wasn’t very long because they just kept singing the same song.

We got on the ferris wheel, and it was really warm in there. We sat and talked while the workers were loaded other people onto the ferris wheel. When we started moving, the air conditioning turned on. That was a relief. We went around three times and Bri and Mae were excited every time we reached the top. My mom took pictures of us in the IMG_0625.JPGferris wheel car and Bri and Mae sang the Little Einstein’s theme song for a lot of the time.

At the bottom of the ferris wheel, we got out and looked at the pictures that the workers took of us. Erica’s shirt had a little bit of green on it, so she ended up blending into the background. We also got souvenir tickets for all of us, even though Mae and Bri didn’t even want them 5 minutes later.

We walked to Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream to go eat because Mae and Bri really wanted ice cream. When we got there, there weren’t many people, but in a few minutes, the entire shop was full. I ordered a double scoop or early grey ice cream, and it was really good. We sat in the store for a while because it was cool, and we had to finish our ice cream anyway. Mae was really happy because she got a S’mores sundae, just like Erica. Bri was happy because she ate two scoops of salted caramel ice cream.

After we finished eating, we ended up walking back to the car because we were all so tired. Mae and Bri wanted to listen to the Duck Song on my phone, so I let them, even though it used data. My mom drove us to Mae and Bri’s house to drop them off. We walked them to their apartment and we were actually there for longer than we thought we would be there for. Mae started playing Pokemon right when she got home, and Bri wanted to show Ella her back handspring. When we were done talking to them, we left to go take Ella home. We dropped her off and went home.

We were so tired, so we just relaxed and watched TV for the rest of the day.


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