07/12/17 – I’M INDECISIVE, OKAY?

Today’s TV

  • Let’s Make a Deal
  • The Price is Right
  • Grease

For some reason, this morning was a really productive morning for me. When my mom’s family friends were staying at our house, they kept talking to me and trying to convince me to go to medical school. It’s something my parents have been trying to do for a while; although, they’d never admit it. Pretty much, I told them and my parents that I’d try, which I may or may not be regretting now. I’M INDECISIVE, OKAY?

I spent most of the day alternating between learning Java and taking MCAT practice tests online. Like I said, I’m indecisive. Considering I probably won’t be able to make a Image-1-27.jpgdecision, I’d rather just do both and see where that takes me. I went into my dad’s office to get a notebook, and I found this old gymnastics book just sitting in the cabinet. Honestly, it made me really nostalgic. Gymnastics was the one thing that I knew I wanted to do as a kid, even though I was just a indecisive as I was now. I hurt my ankle, though, and my parents didn’t want me to injure myself more. I guess that makes sense (yes, I’m still salty).

Surprisingly, after that, I didn’t get distracted by TV or social media for hours. I think it’s because I was so stressed out about life and making decisions that I didn’t even think about it.

I was studying pretty much nonstop until around 4 pm when Eunice got to my house. There was this women’s comedy night at church that she, Erica, my mom, and I were going to later on in the day, but she came over early so that we could go to H-mart. She wanted us to eat these really spicy ramen noodles that they sell, so we had to go buy them. When we got there, we also bought rice crackers, mochi, and melon-flavored ice cream bars; we get distracted by snacks.

We headed back to my house to cook the ramen. I really didn’t know what to expect, considering all Eunice said was that the noodles were going to be spicy. When we had out noodles all cooked and ready to eat, of course, we took pictures of our noodles. Obviously, we were just prolonging the inevitable. We took our first bites and they were actually really good, but once we stopped eating the noodles, our mouths were burning. We tried to drink milk, but that didn’t really help. What did help was eating the melon ice cream bars that we bought. I think it’s because it’s sugary and creamy.

After sufficiently burning our mouths, we were done eating. By that time, Erica had come home and made us Italian sodas. Erica and I used to be OBSESSED with them when Image-1-29.jpgwe were kids, and we just started making them again. We even add sprinkles on top because we like to think we’re fancy.

There were still noodles left over, so Eunice and I tricked my mom and dad into trying them. My mom did not like that at all and ate Toblerone right after eating the noodles. My dad said they weren’t spicy, but I think he was just pretending that he wasn’t affected.

When we were done cleaning up, we headed to the comedy night at our church. Honestly, I was going for the dessert, but Erica’s eighth-grade teacher was part of the improv group performing, so I knew it was going to be a little bit funny. I ate SO MUCH DESSERT, and the comedy was good too, I guess. The room was surprisingly full, but I couldn’t gauge whether people were there for the dessert or for the comedy.

Anyway, after it was done, my mom was talking to some people, so we looked at a timeline of the school that they’d put up. We found two pictures of Erica on there: one from when she was around five and one from when she was in middle school. It was really cute. When my mom was done talking, we headed home. Eunice went home, and the rest of us went inside. We were really too tired to do anything else.


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