07/13/17 – Are They Trying to Make Me Fall Asleep?

Today’s TV

  • Candy Crush 1.1
  • BoyBand 1.4
  • Battle of the Network Stars 1.3
  • Family Feud
  • Cash Cab

I woke up and didn’t really do anything for a bit. I just scrolled on my phone, and I even played this game called Best Fiends. I really don’t know why I like it so much, but I play it a lot. When I decided to go downstairs, I started studying. I just sat at our kitchen island and did MCAT practice questions. Weirdly enough, I wasn’t in the mood for watching TV.

My dad came out of his office to ask me what I wanted to eat. I’d really been craving fried chicken ever since my parents said no to getting KFC a while back. So, my dad and I headed to Chick 5. I’d been to Chick 5 a couple times already with Eunice, so I was excited. We ordered a whole chicken and sat at a table to wait. My mom joined us while we were waiting. She had had a massage appointment before, but she wanted to eat lunch with us.

When the chicken came, I ate really fast. Part of the reason was because I had a dentist appointment in less than an hour and part of the reason was that the chicken was so good. We didn’t finish the whole chicken, which surprised me because Eunice and I finished a whole chicken by ourselves. But, we were able to take the rest home for Erica to try the chicken later.

My mom drove me to my dentist appointment and left me there to get my teeth cleaned. I went in, and they took my glasses. So, I was blind. Also, I was so tired; I almost fell asleep in that dentist’s chair. They put a pair of sunglasses on me so that their bright light didn’t irritate my eyes, but it made me wonder: are they trying to make me fall asleep? I couldn’t see anything, and it was dark. It’s just like when I go to sleep every night. Anyway, I somehow managed to stay awake through the appointment, but, on the way home, I definitely fell asleep.

I got home and was still so, so tired. I even took a nap. I don’t even know what my parents were doing because I was so tired. When I woke up from my nap, it was right before Erica came home from her biotech camp. I’d been so bored at home without her all week because of her camp. I wonder if that’s how she feels when I’m at college.

Anyway, when she came home, we watched the Game Show Network before eating dinner. She was really happy to finally try Chick 5, even though she didn’t actually come with us to the restaurant. After dinner, we watched that trashy show called Boy Band and more TV before going to bed.


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