07/14/17 – Surprisingly, I Didn’t Cry

Today’s TV

  • The Chase
  • Idiotest
  • Family Feud

I woke up a little later, considering I’ve been waking up at 8 am or earlier for the past week, so I went downstairs right when I woke up. No one else was home because it was basically already midday. My mom was at work, Erica was at her biotech camp, and my dad was at a meeting.

Yeah, that’s right. My dad was at a meeting. He’d been doing more architecture jobs lately and he was at the site of one of them. It’s a brewery; it’s funny because my dad doesn’t drink. So, since he was gone, I played music really loudly while I studied. I’m pretty boring; I studied all day while listening to pop music. No one was there to complain that my music was too loud, so that’s a plus.

After a few hours, my dad came home and we went to Erica’s open house for her camp. We went to an almost identical one a couple weeks ago, so we weren’t really that thrilled. My mom, on the other hand, was super excited. She left work early to come home so we could all go together. First, we stopped by McDonald’s because we were hungry and we were going to be late anyways. We ordered four McChickens; one for each of them and two for me.

When we got to the community college, my dad and I finished our sandwiches outside, while my mom went inside. The presentations had just started, so when my dad and I went in, we went straight to where Erica was standing. My mom grilled Erica on her poster before walking around and talking to other kids about their posters. I just drank the sweet green tea that they had there to pass the time. Then, when the presentations were done, they had a mock graduation, just like last time. This time, though, they didn’t have a lab tour. My mom wanted to see the lab anyway, so Erica showed her the lab while my dad and I waited.

We drove home and Erica and I watched TV for a while. We didn’t really know what to watch, so we just watched the Game Show Network. Soon after, Eunice arrived at our house because we were all going to watch Rent at the local kid stage. Well, it’s not really kid stage; it’s more like teen and young adult stage. We saw some of Erica’s friends there before the performance started; she wasn’t really expecting to see people she knew, so it was kind of funny.

I bought Starburst during intermission and I was really scared that I was going to get in trouble because the people that were sitting beside us were drunk and left Starburst wrappers all over the floor. Basically, I was scared I’d get in trouble for something I didn’t do. Those people also left during intermission, so that was kind of sketchy. Anyway, the performance was actually really good! Surprisingly, I didn’t cry. It’s surprising because I cry almost every time I watch the movie.

We headed home after Erica said bye to her friends. We were in a bit of a rush because Erica had a nosebleed at the end of the performance. My mom didn’t have any tissues, so Erica wiped her nose on my mom’s extra pair of underwear (yikes). We drove home pretty fast and said bye to Eunice. When we got home, Erica’s nose wasn’t bleeding anymore, but she was still upset that she had to use underwear to wipe her nose.


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