07/15/17 – Not Really What I Was Expecting For Dinner

Today’s TV

  • NOTHING!!!!!

I woke up today without any plans, really, but it turned out to be a pretty busy day. We went to a plant nursery, we went out to eat, and I went to my boyfriend’s house for dinner.

We were going to the plant nursery because we were meeting our family friends there. There was this event thing for kids that we were going to. I should probably mention that these family friends were Marymar’s husband, Mike, and their two six-year-old twins, Image-1-31.jpgRyan and Rory. I’ve known Marymar since I was a kid, and now I know her kids as children; it’s kind of a cycle.

So, we met Mike and the kids at the plant nursery. We brought our Tesla, and my dad was NOT happy when he found out that we had to park in the gravel. It was hot outside, so we were trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. Ryan and Rory wanted balloon animals, but the line was so, so long. While the dad’s waited in line, we took Rory and Ryan to get ice cream. Rory got mint chip ice cream and Ryan got strawberry ice cream. Erica got cotton candy because she really likes cotton candy. We stood in line for a while because Ryan and Rory really wanted those balloon animals. We even got kettle corn to eat while we waited, but Ryan and Rory were more interested in scooping up gravel with Erica’s cotton candy cone.

When we finally got to the front of the line, Erica and I decided that we should get balloon animals too, since we were waiting so long. Rory got a balloon cat, while Ryan got a Seahawks hat. Erica and I both got bee headbands. We both just wanted bees, but IMG_0740.JPGthe lady who was doing the balloon animals said that if we wanted to see a more intricate bee, we should follow her on Instagram. Of course, that meant that Erica and I spent a long time trying to find her on Instagram.

Once we finally got the balloon animals, Ryan and Rory did some of the crafts that were set up at the nursery. When they got tired of that, we went to a photo booth to take pictures. Ryan wore a horse head, so you can’t really tell that it’s him in the pictures. We also play darts to win coupons. It was a little sad because we all won coupons, but we didn’t end up using them.

When we were done at the plant nursery, we went to a Mexican restaurant to eat. Erica Image-1-32.jpgand I shared a chicken quesadilla, and we ate a lot of the free chips and salsa. Our parents were talking to Mike, While we were watching the kids. Ryan and Rory we’re arguing about crayons; they had the same amount crayons. They just like to argue.

After lunch, we had at home to rest. I feel like every time we eat out, we come back home and lay down because we’re all in food comas.

Closer to dinnertime, I headed to my boyfriend’s house because his mom invited me over for dinner. I went over and we ate grilled cheese and fruit salad, not really what I was expecting for Image-1-33.jpgdinner. While we were having dinner, my boyfriend’s mom let their dog, Mason, out of his cage. He had just gotten injured from digging under a fence. They were afraid that he would be scratching, so he had a cone around his head. It was so sad, but so cute. Every time I go to my boyfriend’s mom’s house, Mason is there to greet me with a vigorously wagging tail. The little buddy seemed a bit sad in his cone, though.

Mason was happy to be walking about while we played Scattergories. We play through all of the cards before I had to go home. Actually, I had to go home before we finished, but I didn’t leave. I sped home to a salty dad, but I thought I had a good day.


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