07/16/17 – Maybe We Haven’t Changed That Much Either

Today’s TV

  • Game of Thrones 7.1

This day marks the start of an exciting two-week reunion. My cousins from the Philippines, Dione and DJ, were visiting, so we did a lot of things. My parents actually had to pick them up from the airport at seven in the morning. I offered to go, but my mom insisted that she’d go.

Erica and I went to church and watched the kids of church volunteers. They built forts in the classroom we were in, but, honestly, I didn’t have the energy to stop them. Most of the kids were actually good and listened when I told them to stop. There were just a couple of problem children. After the service was over, we were greeted by our cousins! It was really exciting because we hadn’t seen them in around eight years.

We went back to our house before going to the Seattle street food festival. We stopped to add each other on Snapchat and drink Italian sodas. Erica and I made drinks for everyone, and it made me consider becoming a bartender. It was actually kind of fun. IMG_0762Also, it was really cute because, since we were all in the same place, it looked like we were having a cute, little Gan party on Snapchat’s map. As soon as everyone was ready to go, we all jammed into one car, and we were off! It was weird having DJ and Dione there. Erica and I were just used to seeing Eunice and Jasper. It was also kind of weird because Dione and DJ haven’t really changed much since they were kids. Dione is more outgoing and comedic, while DJ is more reserved and keeps to herself more. Maybe we haven’t changed that much either.

There were actually a lot of people at the street food festival. Right when we got there, I stood in line with my mom at a lemonade stand. It’s called Wow Wow Lemonade, and my img_07811.jpgmom really, really likes it. Once we got her lemonade, we had to catch up to everyone else. Eunice and Erica were getting potato tornadoes (I think that’s what they’re called), and everyone else was looking for food. DJ got some tacos, which she didn’t even really like that much. Jasper got chicken strips; of course he got chicken strips. I just mooched off of everyone else.

We kept looking for more food, and we kept eating more food. Eunice got a hot dog, and my mom bought lumpia. My dad also bought Filipino food and was sitting and eating, while the rest of us were walking around. DJ and Erica got Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because they like to waste money. One scoop on a cone was around the same price as a pint of their ice cream. Sorry, I love saving. We were all done eating, but, of course, we had to take pictures. That was the first picture of us together since 2009. We actually have a picture of DJ, Dione, Erica, and me hanging in our hallway at home.

Classic us: we were all full. So, when we went home, we were all so tired. In around an hour, or other cousin, Nicole, came over to her house to see DJ and Dione. We all sat in IMG_0804.JPGthe guest room and watched them unpack and entire luggage full of food. We all got so much food, as if we even needed anymore food. We took more pictures in our backyard and hung out for a few hours.

A little before six, Marymar and her family came to our house too! It was a party. Okay, it wasn’t really a party. They just came over to watch Game of Thrones. I guess that’s called a viewing party. Anyway, Mike, Eunice, my mom, and I watched the show. Erica occupied Ryan and Rory by playing restaurant, and everyone else just kind of sat around. Halfway Image-1-34.jpgthrough the show, though, Eunice left to go to Starbucks with Nicole, DJ, and Dione. They came back when the show was over and brought me a midnight mint mocha frappuccino.

When everyone was back at the house, we ate dinner. We had burgers and watermelon. We also had a cake that said “Winter is coming.” After going to the street food festival, I really wasn’t that hungry. I pretty much just sat at the table to talk to everyone. After eating, we didn’t really do much. Nicole and Eunice left eventually, and DJ and Dione went to bed because they were jet-lagged. Marymar and her family left too, but not before my dad for them to bring the rest of the cake home.

We were all pretty wiped from the busy day, so I’m sure we all slept really well that night.




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