07/18/17 – T-T-T-TARGET

Today’s TV

  • America’s Got Talent 12.8

  • World of Dance 1.7

Erica, Eunice, and I woke up at around 8 am and found out that Dione had already been up for around 3 hours. For some reason, she’d woken up at around 5 am and didn’t know what to do with herself. She’d already worked out and taken a cold bath before we even got up. She even heard my mom leave for work from her room and thought someone was breaking in. Anyway, when Erica, Eunice and I woke up, the four of us went downstairs to eat breakfast.

We all ate Frosted Flakes (they’re great) at the kitchen counter until we were full. At this point DJ wasn’t awake yet, but we let her sleep. We weren’t planning on leaving the house until around 10:40, so it was okay. The three of us played Mario Kart until around 10. Then, we woke up DJ. She’s so hard to wake up, and she takes at least 30 minutes to get ready. So, we always have to get her up a while before we leave. The rest of us were ready to go and were all hanging out in the guest room waiting for DJ to be done.

I drove us all to drop off Erica at her SAT prep class and we were actually a bit early! Once Erica was inside, Eunice, DJ, Dione, and I headed to Target. Every time Dione sees Target or hears the word, “target,” she yells, “T-T-T-TARGET.” I have no idea where she got that from. Apparently, they don’t have Target in the Philippines, so she was really excited when we went there. She took a lot of pictures with the sign.

We shopped at Target for almost two hours. We went through every section of Target. I’d try to list everything that they bought from Target, but there’s no way I could remember all of the that stuff. Dione bought a lot of makeup for herself and for her friends back home. She was salty, though, because the cashier dropped the makeup. DJ bought a lot of notebooks for school, which I understand, but it seemed like too many notebooks. They also bought Starburst for their mom because I guess there’s not much Starburst in the Philippines. Eunice bought herself a journal and a swimsuit top. She couldn’t find a bottom, though, so we were going to look at other stores for one. I bought a planner for school and some Starburst.

My dad actually came to Target to give me his Target card, since he forgot to give it to me in the morning. He really wanted the 5% discount that you get by using the Target card. When we were done shopping, we had to do four different transactions, and I’m pretty sure the cashier was judging us. When we were done, my dad put all of our Target stuff in his car to take home, and we went to go pick up Erica from SAT prep.

Then, we all headed to the mall. Yes, we went to the mall twice in two days, but we only went to a couple stores the day before. Our other cousin, Nicole, met us there and we Image-1 (8).jpgspent hours at the mall. Dione wanted to go to Forever 21 and H&M (again). We also went into random stores so they could shop. Man, those girls can shop. My feet were tired by the end of it. We also went to go re-stuff Coot, Erica’s 11-year-old Build-a-Bear. Wow, that was way too may hyphens in a sentence. We took Coot to Build-a-Bear and asked the guy at the desk if she could be re-stuffed. He was a little snooty and said we had to wait in the stuffing line, but no one was in line. So, when we went to the line, he had to re-stuff Coot anyway. He did not seem happy with his job. Anyway, Coot was semi-successfully re-stuffed. I say, “semi-successfully” because they guy stuffed her head a lot, but didn’t stuff her body enough, so she has a really hard head and a really soft butt. At least she feels new again.

After spending so much time at the mall, we went to go get bubble tea because Nicole wanted to go. We didn’t even really spend that much time there. I remember because IMG_1977.PNGI didn’t really drink much of my drink before having to drive home. I drove us home, and I was really happy because there wasn’t that much traffic, especially since we were in the carpool lane.

At home, Dione did a fake haul video that people on YouTube do. It was really funny because she was being really obnoxious. After that, we kind of just hung out at home for the rest of the day. We played more Mario Kart; it’s kind of the only game they play. At some point, Eunice went home, but I don’t remember what time. I think she stayed over for dinner.

Also, Erica and I forced them to watch TV with us because we didn’t want to miss America’s Got Talent. I don’t think they were as into it as we were, but it’s okay because they had their phones to entertain them.


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