07/19/17 – Her Eyebrows Were Just Really Itchy

Today’s TV

  • Descendants

We actually didn’t really do much today. Erica went to SAT tutoring in the morning, but the rest of us stayed home. We ate cereal for breakfast and played Mario Kart because that’s pretty much what we do most mornings. I don’t remember what we ate for lunch, or if we even did.

At around 2:30 pm, my dad took Dione and DJ to Boeing because they wanted to go on a tour there. Erica and I took this time to do nothing productive. We did pick them up from the tour, though. We spent a while in the gift shop, though, because they wanted to buy something for their mom.

Then, we IMG_0846went to a farmer’s market at the beach. We walked around for a bit before buying blueberries and going home.

When we got home, my dad had already started cooked dinner. He cooked shrimp tempura, but we all just kind of forgot that Dione was allergic. I mean, she still ate a lot of shrimp; her eyebrows were just really itchy later in the night. After dinner, we rested before going outside to work out. We hung out outside for a while and took really weird pictures.

When we finally went inside, we didn’t really know what to do, so we watched Descendants. Dione loves that movie so much.


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