07/20/17 – The Queen of Packing

Today’s TV

  • After the Ball

There was only one thing on our to do list today: the outlet mall. My cousins can shop. My sister didn’t want to go to the outlet, though, so we left her at home. Well, she had violin lessons, so she conveniently had an excuse to not go. We didn’t really have a list of things that we wanted to buy, so I knew that we’d be at the outlet for a long time.

Luckily, there weren’t that many people at the outlet on a Thursday morning (surprise), so it was pretty easy to find a parking space. We went to Forever 21 first because it was relatively close to where we parked. I’ve never bought anything from there, so I just had IMG_0851.JPGfun judging the clothes. We were there for almost an hour, and I actually almost bought something! Then, I tried it on and that didn’t end well. We finally checked out and Eunice got a discount because there was a stain on the shorts she bought.

We continued to walk through the outlet and we pretty much stopped at every athletic store and shoe store that they had. Dione bought two pairs of pink converse: one was sparkly and one wasn’t. We also went in the Disney store for a short time, mostly so that I could get a picture with the giant Pua stuff animal that they had. We also stopped at Hot Topic because they’d never been there before. This is where we kind of lost control.

So, they were having this sale where everything you can fit in a backpack is 35% off. IMG_0854.JPGDione just happened to be looking for a backpack for school, so we went a little wild with the stuff. I’m kind of the queen of packing things into small spaces, so I handled packing the backpack. We were all kind of frantically running around the store grabbing whatever we wanted. I even FaceTimed Erica to ask if she wanted anything. I ended up only getting 3 things, but DJ and Dione bought a lot of stuff. When we checked out, the guy at the counter counted our items, and there were about 25 items in that backpack, including a blanket. I actually was scared the blanket wasn’t going to fit. But, after an hour, we were finally out of the store.

We kept on shopping until around 1:30. Before we left, we actually went to Forever 21 again, and I finally bought something there. I got a matching sports bra with Dione. We’d already bought other matching clothes, so we have matching outfits now. When we were done shopping, we had a couple more errands to run, so we headed to the Navy Federal Credit Union. One of Image-1 (14)their family friends had money to deposit and, luckily, there was a branch of this specific bank by the outlet mall. We were a little worried going in because DJ and Dione had already been turned away from a branch in a Navy base, but it ended up fine.

After, we went to Arby’s because it was close to Jasper’s art class. We had to pick him up at 3, but we had time to eat. We ordered a lot of food because we were eating lunch late. I hadn’t been to Arby’s in years, and, honestly, I didn’t like it as much as I did when I was a kid. Granted, I never really liked it that much, but still.

We picked Jasper up from art class and headed home. We unpacked all of the stuff that we bought from the outlet before going outside to take pictures. We’d all bought Lilo and Stitch stuff from Hot Topic, so we wanted to get a picture all together. Of course, that turned into everyone wanted solo pictures and pictures with their siblings, so that took a while. When we were done, we went back inside for dinner, even though we weren’t that hungry.

After dinner, we played Mario Kart for a bit and then tried to decide what movie to watch. We ended up picking After the Ball, which I guess was loosely based on Cinderella. I mean, it wasn’t a bad movie. It was just a little bit extra, but, at that point, I was so tired that I didn’t care.


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