07/21/17 – I Love Heights

Today’s TV

  • Descendants 2

  • Raven’s Home 1.1

At around 8:30 am, Erica and I woke up to eat breakfast. We were volunteering at the animal shelter at 10 and had to get up to get ready and eat. Dione was already awake; she’d been waking up at around 5 am every morning, so we all ate cereal together. At around 9:30, Erica and I left for the shelter.

The animal shelter was uneventful, as usual, but I had fun visiting and socializing with the cats. Erica’s job is to do laundry and dished, so I’m not sure how much fun she has. I don’t know why they don’t let people under 18 interact with the animals. I guess maybe they’re a liability?  Anyway, when we were both done volunteering at 12:30, we headed home.

When we got home, we changed really quickly because our family was going out to eat. DJ was really craving ravioli for some reason, so we just went to Olive Garden. Erica and image-1-15.jpgI both had lunch-sized fettucini alfredos, since we always get the same thing at Olive Garden. I’m not sure what everyone else got, but DJ got her ravioli. We actually didn’t take that long to eat, but, when we were done, our waiter gave us a tone of mints. I love mints.

Anyway, when we were done eating, we headed back home. We were originally supposed to be at the ropes course we were going to at 3, but I had to reschedule a few days before because Nicole’s boyfriend was working. Because of this, we got to rest a little after stuffing ourselves full of pasta, soup, and breadsticks.

At around 3:30, we left for the ropes course. We met Eunice and Jasper there; they were really early. Since we’d already signed our waivers online, we checked in pretty fast. Nicole and her boyfriend, Coby, didn’t get there until pretty much exactly 4, though, so we didn’t get onto the course until around 4:15. Nicole and Coby had been there before, IMG_1020.JPGso they just kind of went ahead to the top. That wasn’t really a good idea because Nicole’s really afraid of heights. I stayed on the middle with everyone else, but I really wanted to go to the top; I love heights.

We were there for a little over two hours. I did pretty much every obstacle because I don’t like to waste time. We all went on the zipline twice, and I had to help a small child who was stuck on the zipline. Because I was helping a little boy, I came off the course a while after everyone else did. To be honest, they should hire me because I felt like I helped so many Image-1 (16).jpgpeople get off the course and even on the course. Why didn’t the staff help? I don’t even know.

Everyone was hungry, so we went to Bobby’s Hawaiian Restaurant. We ordered ahead because we wanted to take food home. It was the premiere of Descendants 2 and Dione was super excited. We got to the restaurant and had to wait a bit for our food. We sat and chatted before getting our food and parting ways with Nicole and Coby. They really didn’t want to watch Descendants 2.

When we got home, we sat in front of our TV, ate our food, and watched Descendants 2. It actually was a pretty good movies; I think I’m just saying that because I like China McClain. After the movie, everyone was tired. Surprisingly, the ropes course took a lot of physical exertion. We hung out upstairs a bit before going to bed. Eunice and Jasper stayed in the guest room with DJ and Dione, while Erica and I stayed in our own rooms. We were wiped.


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