07/22/17 – She Really Hates Trolls

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

Today was a wild day in Seattle. Slowly, we all woke up and got ready to go. Even my parents came! We’d tried to plan out our trip, and the plan was to go to see the Fremont troll, go to Gas Works park, go to Pike Place, see Rebel Wilson, and go to the Bite of Seattle.

First, we dropped Jasper off at home because, for some reason, he didn’t want to go. It was probably because the entire outing was just too much. After we dropped him off, we IMG_0955.JPGheaded to Seattle. We pretty much just went to the Fremont troll and Gas Works parks just to take pictures. My mom suggested going, so we went. Erica was mad because she really hates trolls. There’s not really a reason why; she just hates them. Unfortunately for Erica, she had to take around 20 pictures with a troll statue under a bridge. That wasn’t a great start to the day. After taking really tourist-y pictures, we headed to Nordstrom because Rebel Wilson was going to be there and my dad wanted to check if there was a line already. It was two hours before.

Unsurprisingly, there was no line. So, we walked to Pike Place market. We stopped at the gum wall to take more tourist-y pictures. I looked ridiculous pointing my iPhone IMG_1046flashlight at whoever I was taking a picture of. I feel like we spent so much time taking pictures, but it was probably only a few minutes. After, we walked around Pike Place, and we, somehow, lost my parents. We pretty much walked the entire length of Pike Place before deciding that we wanted ice cream.

We went to Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream because Erica wanted a s’mores sundae. I got an ice cream sandwich that was actually pretty big. We sat there for a while and ate our Image-1 (17).jpgice cream. Honestly, we just wanted to be out of the heat. After sitting there for a bit, there was suddenly a huge line for ice cream. We didn’t really want to push past people out the door, so we just waited for a bit.

When we were done eating, we texted my parents to tel them we were heading back to Nordstrom. They actually caught up to us and my dad tried to pretend e was stealing something from my purse. He’s not very sneaky, though, se I knew it was him. We all walked back to Nordstrom together and, once we got there, got in line to meet Rebel Wilson. We were still really early, so we had a lot of waiting to do. We waited for around an hour while my mom just shopped. We were even filmed to be on Evening Magazine. Also, there was a lady interviewing people in line, but none of us really wanted to be interviewed. After Rebel Wilson arrived, we still had to wait to meet her. When we finally got to the front of the line, we decided that we all wanted separate pictures with her, so, one at a time, we went up to take pictures IMG_1084.JPGwith her. She was so nice, but I felt really bad because she obviously wanted to talk to her fans more, but the workers were rushing her. We also got these pre-signed pictures of her, and we could tell that she signed all of them because they were all different.

Anyway, after meeting Rebel Wilson, we were all hungry. We went to the Bite of Seattle festival that was nearby. When we were there, we split up to go find food that we wanted. Erica and I really wanted cheesecake on a stick, so we rushed to the stand that’s there every year. We also got a corndog because we wanted something that wasn’t sweet. I was still hungry and saw someone with corn, so I decided to go buy some. I have no idea why, but I really like corn. No one else img_1086.pngin my family likes corn as much as I do. Even when I had braces, I’d still eat corn. I wasn’t supposed to, but that really didn’t stop me.

We kept walking around and looking at the food stands and, eventually, met up with Nicole and Coby. Coby was wearing a 420 shirt, so he was really awkwardly crossing his arms in front of my parents. Dione, Erica, and I wanted something to drink, so we got free milk samples at a nearby stand. They had a photo booth, so we took pictures too. When we were all full and ready to go, we decided to go home. But first, we stopped at a bubble tea place. We never really stop with the food.

When we got to the bubble tea place, we went in and ordered our drinks while waiting for Nicole to get there. She came a while after we were already there, and Coby didn’t come. We just assumed that she dropped him off at home, but, still, it took her a weirdly long time to get there. Anyway, we drank our bubble tea and chatted for a while before going home.

At home, we really didn’t want to do anything. Eunice went home to give bubble tea to Jasper and her dad, but the rest of us just lazed around because we were so full and tired.





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