07/23/17 – I Have a Stuffy Nose Like 90% Of the Time

Today’s TV

  • Descendants 2

Today was crazy sock day at church, so, right before church, I stuck a ton of socks onto Erica. We were a little worried that they’d fall off, but it turned out okay.

When we got to church, Mae told Erica that she didn’t have crazy socks, so Erica turned into the sock shop. One hug would buy you one sock. Mae chose socks and didn’t really give them back right away. After church service, Mae agreed to give the socks back in a week.

There was a car show at church, so we just hung around, ate hot dogs, and looked at old cars. There was a silent auction for a car and I really wanted to bid $50, but my dad said no. It was a little chilly, so we went back home after walking around for a little bit.

We didn’t have plans until 2:30, so we played Mario Kart. We’re not really creative with what we do, so we just kept playing. At around 1:45, we left to go to a puzzle room! We left early because it was in Seattle and there was traffic. It was a little tiring doing all of the driving all of the time, but we’d been doing so many fun things that I didn’t really notice until I got home at night.

Anyway, we got to the puzzle room right on time and the guy in charge gave us his whole speech. We were supposed to solve 13 puzzles in 2 hours. When we went in, the room was really cold; it was a really nice, considering it was so hot outside. We all got to work; it was fun, but a little frustrating for Erica and me. We really like escape rooms and puzzle rooms, so we’re kind of used to solving puzzles, but our cousins really struggled. There was this one puzzle where we had to identify scents. Not so great for me, considering I have a stuffy nose like 90% of the time. Erica, Dione, and I ended up just Googling different scents and making words with the letters we were given. At the end, we finished either 9 or 10 of the puzzles, but Erica and I did most of them. I was a little sad that we didn’t get out, but it was still fun.

After the escape room, we headed home. We didn’t really do anything exciting at home. I mean, we watched Descendants 2 again, but that’s really only because we didn’t have anything else to do.


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