07/24/17 – I Mean, Technically, I’m Not

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

Like a lot of the days that DJ and Dione were here, we went to the mall while Erica was at SAT tutoring. We left the house at around 9 so that Erica had time to come to the mall too.

We walked around and went to different stores. We went to the Lego store because DJ Image-1 (21).jpgand Dione wanted to buy something for their brother. They were looking around the store while I was scrolling on my phone. I was reading about how people were shocked that Michael Phelps didn’t actually swim next to a shark for their race. I thought that was just assumed, but reading about it gave me the idea to take a picture of a key chain I saw in the store.

Erica left with the car to go to SAT tutoring, and we stayed at the mall. We pretty much just went into the stores that DJ and Dione hadn’t gone to already. After a while, we were just killing time waiting for Erica.

When Erica was done with tutoring, she met up with us at Claire’s. We all got matching fruit key chains. Surprise, I got a pineapple key chain. I love pineapples.

We were finally done shopping, so we headed to Boiling Point. Boiling Point is Erica’s and my favorite restaurant. We hadn’t had time to bring DJ and Dione yet, so this was our Image-1 (22).jpgchance. Erica and I were definitely more excited than they were, but after we ate, they were already planning our next trip there. I haven’t really found a better hot pot place in the greater Seattle area, so we go there a lot. I always get the milk cream curry (née curry fishball) soup and Erica always get the beef hot soup. We’re not really creatures of change.

Anyway, when we were done eating, we went home to rest. We were planning on going to a baseball game later that night, so we didn’t really do much in the afternoon.

We picked up my mom from work to go to the game. We had to wait outside for her for a while because she had to change from her doctor clothes to her normal people clothes. I was really excited for the baseball game for a couple reasons: it was the Mariners against the Red Sox and it was Filipino Heritage Image-1 (24)Night. They were giving away free hats, so I was really excited. I mean, technically, I’m not Filipino, but, growing up, it really felt like I was.

Driving to Seattle took a little longer because of traffic, but I don’t remember much of itbecause I fell asleep. We parked in a parking lot close to Safeco Field and walked to the entrance. We met Marymar and her family at the stadium; they all love baseball. The game hadn’t started yet, so we got food. Well, everyone else got food and I sat with Ryan and Rory. Marymar bought us crickets to try, and we all tried them. I didn’t think they were that bad, but I wouldn’t eat them for fun. Erica was traumatized. She drank a lot of water after. We didn’t even finish all the crickets; we ended up just throwing them away.

To make things better, we got ice cream and Dippin’ Dots. Whenever we go to an event or a theme park, Erica and I get Dippin’ Dots. I was a little sad because they didn’t have Image-1 (26).jpgbanana split flavor, but mint chocolate chip was good too. I really wish I could buy Dippin’ Dots on a regular basis. Marymar also got us ice cream sandwiched between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. Erica and I really tried to eat the whole thing, but we were getting so full. We were also really weirded out because Marymar told us that she got us vanilla ice cream, but it was really sour. We found out that the ice cream was actually strawberry-flavored, after we ate it.

I’m not the biggest fan of baseball, but the game was actually pretty fun to watch. I think it was the first time that I actually sat through a whole baseball game. Halfway through the game, we took a family picture. My cousin, Hans, brought a friend to IMG_1123.JPGthe game, so she took our picture. It was actually really interesting because we don’t really see Hans, and the only reason that he got to come to the game was because his sister, Nicole, couldn’t come to the game. Well, she thought she couldn’t come, but she texted me saying she was salty because she actually could have come.

The Mariner’s won! At the end of the game, we tried to rush out of the stadium, but I feel like, no matter what, we were going to get stuck in traffic. We spent a while getting out of Seattle, but, eventually, we made it home. We were all so tired, so we went straight to bed.


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