07/25/17 – Drama That I Wasn’t Involved In

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

I woke up at around 9 am and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I was fast asleep at 7 in the morning, but, apparently, DJ set off the alarm when she was trying to leave. She, Nicole, and Eunice went hiking, and they left super early. I was actually really surprised that they planned it out because I’d been scheduling all of our outings since DJ and Dione arrived.

Because we didn’t really have anything else to do, Dione and I went to the mall while they were hiking and while Erica was at SAT tutoring. We just kind of walked around; we were pretty fast at going through stores. Usually when we shopped, DJ would take a long time at shops, but she wasn’t there this time.

At around 12:30, Nicole, Eunice, and DJ met us at the mall. We walked around more, and I left a little bit after to go pick up Erica. Erica and I met them at the food court because everyone was hungry. Nicole’s mom also showed up, so she got to hang out with DJ and Dione. Erica and I shared a Chipotle bowl, while DJ and Dione got Panda Express. Also, Nicole and Eunice got acai bowls; to be honest, I don’t think that’s lunch, but it’s okay.

While we were eating lunch, apparently, there was drama that I wasn’t involved in. Eunice and Nicole were secretly talking and texting, but I didn’t really think anything of it until later. In addition, the family dinner that I’d planned was moved to a different restaurant and my dad asked me about cheesecake a little before. Erica told me a little later that it was because my dad suddenly turned the family reunion dinner into my Image-1 (27).jpgbirthday dinner. Also, Eunice and Nicole were texting my dad who was telling Nicole that her boyfriend couldn’t come to dinner because he’s not part of the family. Nicole really wanted her boyfriend there, but my dad was so adamant that he even offered to call Coby. I also heard later that she was considering not coming to the dinner because Coby couldn’t come.

Anyway, we left for dinner after my mom came home from work. We ate at Blue Fin; we used to eat there a lot because we like buffets, but it’s a little far from our house. Erica and I were already not amused by the drama that ensued earlier in the day, but we were happy to eat a lot of sushi. We sat at a table with all of our cousins, and it was a little awkward because Nicole was FaceTiming her boyfriend at the table. Because we came later than her family, she was already done eating and was just talking to her boyfriend. We ate a ton of food and, when we were done, my dad brought out the cheesecake that he bought. They wanted me to cut the cake; I don’t know why they gave me a knife. I cut the cake, but no one really ate any. That made me salty Image-1 (28).jpgbecause, earlier, my dad asked what kind of cake I thought everyone would eat. So, I just said chocolate, even though chocolate cheesecake isn’t what I usually get at The Cheesecake Factory. Suddenly, after the buffet, no one wanted dessert because it was just too much in addition to the food they just ate. I just wanted salted caramel cheesecake; I was sad.

When we were done eating dinner, we took pictures as we were leaving. For some reason, Hans parked on the other side of the mall, so he wasn’t in any of the pictures. We finally got a picture of all of our parents together; they usually refuse to take pictures. Also, the pictures are really classy because they’re in front of JCPenney. It actually took us a while to leave because my uncles wanted to see my dad’s Tesla. We stood outside my dad’s car for a good 20 minutes. I was so happy when we finally went home. I just wanted to sleep. I’d been so exhausted from doing things all the time that I always wanted to lay in bed.



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