07/26/17 – I Felt Bad for My Mom

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

I started the day by going to the dentist. We didn’t really have anything big planned for the day, so I’d scheduled my appointments. I had my teeth cleaned at 8 am and got back home at around the time that Erica woke up. We played Mario Kart for a little before I had an orthodontist’s appointment.

My family went with me to my orthodontist’s appointment because they wanted to go to Image-1 (29).jpgBoiling Point after. Like I said before, we eat there a lot. Even though we go there a lot, we still take pictures every time. We’re weird; or, we’re just brainwashed by our phones. Either way, I have a lot of Boiling Point pictures.

After eating, we parted ways with my parents because DJ, Dione, Erica, and I went to Family Fun Center. We bought a family package of points for us to share, so that kept us busy for a few hours. They had laser tag, go karts, mini golf, one of those semi-stationary roller coaster machines, batting cages, and an arcade. We did everything but the batting cages.

We started at mini golf. Erica was weirdly good at it, but the rest of us weren’t that great. We think it’s because Erica plays real golf, but you wouldn’t think that the skills would be transferrable. She got four hole-in-ones, though. That could be skill or luck; I don’t know. We played all 18 holes before taking a bathroom break. DJ had to pee halfway through, but we made her wait.

After mini golf, we went to play laser tag. It was really weird because you could never tell whether you actually hit someone. I think Erica won that, but I don’t really remember. We also raced go karts; they weren’t that fun, though, because there were some cars that were really slow, and we couldn’t really pass them if they were taking up the whole road.

We had a weird amount of points left, so we played in the arcade for a while. There wasn’t really anything that we wanted to buy with the tickets we won, so Erica and Dione bought ball shooters to play with. We also bought random candy, a pair of silly glasses for Ryan, and a princess crown for Rory.

By the time we left, we were thirsty, so we went to Black Ball, the bubble tea place next to Boiling Point. After, Dione wanted to take a picture with the Family Fun Center sign, so IMG_1198.JPGwe did that. We went home and waited for Eunice to get there too. Once we were ready to go, we went to a place that had karaoke and fried chicken.

We were at karaoke for a while. We only paid for an hour and a half, but our waiter kept adding time to our karaoke. After singing a song, the two people who sang would get a score. We learned that we had to sing really loud for the machine to pick up the sound. I kind of felt bad for my mom because we all wanted to keep singing (AKA screaming into a microphone), but it was obvious that she was getting a headache. After Dione and Erica were bragging about their score of 92, Eunice and I got perfect scores on a couple songs, so that was fun.

All of our ears were ringing when we finally left the karaoke place. We headed home Image-1 (32).jpgbecause we had to meet Marymar, Ryan, and Rory. Ryan had flooded their house, so they had to stay over at our house. The house was safe, but it smelled like formaldehyde and we didn’t want the smell to trigger Ryan’s asthma. Ryan and Rory had so much energy. We were all tired, but they were just running around the house. They didn’t want to go to bed. Eunice slept over too; Eunice slept in the guest room while Marymar, Ryan, and Rory shared my room with me. It’s funny because Erica and I were both on an air mattress with Rory, but, for some reason, when Rory kicks at night, she only kicks Erica off the bed. She’s never been all up in my space, but Erica always ends up on the floor.


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