07/27/17 – She Was Actually the Fastest

Today’s TV

  • MasterChef 8.5, 8.6

  • Hollywood Game Night

  • World of Dance 1.8

  • Boyband 1.5

We spend the whole night planning what we were going to do, but I was still nervous about the plans for the day. There were so many things that everyone wanted to do. We had to go pick up something from Marymar’s house, rush to a Ride the Ducks tour, eat, and go to the MoPOP (née EMP) in Seattle.

I’d never been as frustrated while driving. There was so much traffic to Redmond and to Seattle. Everyone was talking in the car, and I was just getting annoyed. I tried to calm myself down by listening to the radio, but that didn’t really help. It took us a really long time to get to Marymar’s house. I had Erica run in to get the card we were picking up because we had to go.

There was so much traffic going into Seattle. I was driving as aggressively as I possibly could, but I was still scared that we weren’t going to make our 10 am Ride the Ducks tour. When we were getting close, we started hitting every red light. It was 9:55 and we were IMG_1295.JPGstuck at a red light. I made Erica, Dione, and DJ run to the Ride the Ducks building while Eunice and I found parking. We actually ended up passing them in the car, but we had to park and pay for parking. There was a middle-aged lady struggling to pay for parking in front of us. After we paid, we sprinted to the building. I was really grateful for Erica because she was actually the fastest out of the three of them and she got there just in time. I was so stressed, though. Do we look tired in the picture? We were sprinting a minute before it was taken. At least all we had to do was sit during the tour. Erica and I had already been Image-1 (34).jpgon the tour, so it wasn’t as interesting for us. DJ told the tour guide that my birthday was coming up, so he played a birthday song; I wasn’t that amused. When the boat got in the water, Dione was actually kind of disappointed because she thought it would go faster. They did get a lot of pictures, though, which I think was the point of going on the tour.

When we got back to the Ride the Ducks building, we needed to go to the bathroom. We went to McDonald’s, bought drinks, and used the bathroom. We were also hungry, so we headed to a restaurant that we saw while we were on the tour.

We walked for around 10 minutes to this restaurant called Biscuit Bitch. Erica loves biscuits, so when she saw it on the tour, she really wanted to go there. I felt really bad because Dione didn’t tell us that she didn’t want to say “bitch,” so she ordered Image-1 (36).jpgsomething that she didn’t originally want. She was happy with what she got, though, so that’s good. Erica and I shared a meal, and she also got a plain biscuit with jam. We were all so full after, though, because the gravy on all of the dishes was so thick and so filling. I was glad that we had to walk back to the MoPOP because we needed to not be sitting and feeling gross.

We got to the MoPOP and bought tickets inside. We didn’t really have anything specific that we wanted to see, so we just walked around. I hadn’t been there since they changed the name of the museum, so a lot of the stuff was new. They had different sections for different parts of pop culture. We went to the fantasy section first. They also had a section just for Star Trek and a horror film section (my favorite). They also had exhibits that they had before. They have a section where you can learn how to play different instruments. It wasn’t as fun as it used to be before I could actually play instruments, but it was fun watchingImage-1 (37).jpg random children try to play the drums. We also all went into a recording booth and recorded a song. We were pretty much just messing around in there, though, because no one else played any instruments other than Erica and me. It was really fun, despite the fact that it was really hot in there.

We also went into the indie game section that they had and played video games for a while. Overall, I thought it was a good use of our day. We also spent time in the gift shop because DJ and Dione were thinking of buying stuff for their mom. I feel like they bought a lot of stuff, just generally, for themselves and for like everyone they know back home. When we were done, I drove us all back home.

We didn’t really have anything to do, so I just watched TV. We were a little sick of Mario Kart, so we didn’t play today.



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